Mediterranean diet: A healthy option for the whole year!

Mediterranean diet is, almost always, related to the hottest seasons of the year. It is during spring and summer, while we enjoy the sun and the beach, that we hear more about this diet.

Fresh fruit and assorted salads accompany relaxation moments and help refreshing hot days. However, when winter comes, with the cold and the rain, we tend to forget the principles of this diet. Is this inevitable?

Mediterranean diet can and should be maintained throughout the year. After all, winter also exists across Mediterranean territories and there are various solutions, aimed at maintaining a healthy diet during this season.

Cold, dark and rainy days promote the search for warmer and more comforting food items. Sometimes, we make less healthy choices and neglect the consumption of vegetables.

Note, however, that seasons change, and our meals must adapt to change. According to this, we will be taking into consideration the seasonality of products, by taking advantage from food items’ natural flavour. At the same time, we will be able to look after our health and the environment.


Mediterranean diet principles

Mediterranean diet follows some basic principles which, in general, are very easy to accomplish. Sobriety and a simple kitchen, holding preparations which protect nutrients to the maximum, are at its basis.

  • Soups, boiled food, stews, and fish stews are delicious options for winter;
  • Equally important is the preference for fresh and seasonal vegetables produced locally;
  • We should value the consumption of fruit, leguminosae, both dry and fresh, and quality bread;
  • Low refined and oilseed cereals should also be part of our diet;
  • Milk products intake should be moderate;
  • Aromatic herbs, when properly used for seasoning, are a good help towards minimizing the use of salt;
  • We should choose olive oil as the main source of fat and avoid eating fried food;
  • The Mediterranean diet advises water, natural or in infusions, as the main drink throughout the day;
  • Moderate wine consumption is also recommended to accompany main meals.


The healthy Mediterranean sociability

Sociability at the table is, undeniably, a tradition for Mediterranean people. Sharing meals with friends and family is part of the culture for countries near the Mediterranean Sea.

At Costa Verde, we share with you these moments of joy and healthy coexistence, by producing excellence porcelain pieces, which help beautifying your table. We are also attentive to the healthier food options.

Mediterranean diet is an excellent choice, either during hot or colder seasons. By switching between fruits and salads in the summer, or between soups and vegetables in the winter, it is easy to be healthy throughout the year. You only have to adapt your meals to what Nature offers you in each season.


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