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Costa Verde’s Porcelain: Always irreproachable, as on the first day!


Professional porcelain is by itself a material of excellence, which provides refinement and elegance to any table. When it comes to choosing a crockery service, it becomes, therefore, the number 1 option of those who run restaurant and hotel establishments.

Choice is not made by chance and our lines are proof of that. In Costa Verde, porcelain resistance is a concern from the outset. So, we do everything so that our parts resist to massive use, washes and blows, staying new for longer.


6 Aspects that prove the excellence of Costa Verde’s porcelain


1. Resists to successive washing machine programs

At Costa Verde, we carry out tests in order to ensure a quality product, which supports successive sessions in the dishwashing machine. Whether it’s porcelain for domestic or professional use, glaze resistance is tested through the use of various chemical agents.

Pieces are subjected to a solution of 0.5% of calgonite and to records of 16 hours, each of which is equivalent to 300 washes. Experience has shown that Costa Verde’s products can withstand washing impact on this type of machine.

The decorations are also tested. To safeguard their life cycle, they are fired under high heat, by being subjected to a minimum temperature of 1,200 ºC. It allows the decoration to remain inside the glaze.

Our main goal is to perpetuate the good condition of porcelain, so that it always remains the same, since the first day. Its beauty and its quality standards will remain.


2. It provides safety in case of a crack

The behaviour of our porcelain in case of a crack is quite predictable, given its characteristics and composition. If one of the pieces breaks, the particles become small fragments, in order to reduce the risk of injury.


3. Os bordos resistem ao impacto

The resistance/thickness dichotomy has been the subject of analysis and discussion in recent years. They got reinforced as when professional customer rejected thick porcelain to adopt finer and more elegant lines.

Bands and borders are trouble spots on any porcelain product, regardless of the manufacturer. This is because they are the most exposed to impact.

At Costa Verde, we strive into minimizing this risk. Thus, our porcelain pieces are conceived, designed and produced, in order to safeguarding both resistance and design. We are currently involved in a technical research project, with the aim of boosting the edge resistance.


4. Pieces are functional and flexible

Handling and storage, on our porcelain products, is greatly facilitated and optimized. Although with variations, collections are always composed of stackable and safe solutions.

The multifunctionality of Costa Verde’s pieces provides a significant reduction of items to be worked. Indeed, flexibility is one of our goals when developing new products.


5. Resists to mechanical attacks

Not even the sharpest knife can compete with the resistance of our porcelain, subject to a firing at 1400 ºC. Thanks to its surface and hardness, the glaze of the Costa Verde pieces supports the most demanding treatment. In short, it is resistant to risk, chemical caustic solutions, shock and metal abrasion.


6. The surfaces are irreproachably hygienic

Long-term tests show that, even after prolonged periods of use, the surface of the Costa Verde’s porcelain remains homogeneous and absolutely waterproof. Thus, germs are unable to penetrate the material and, consequently, to mix up with food.


When investing in a porcelain service, quality should be the number 1 concern. Each damaged piece represents a cost to the restaurant or hotel unit, so materials’ durability is an aspect to consider from the first moment.



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