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Agma Collection - Costa Verde


Developed by Costa Verdethe design of the Agma collection is a challenge to conventions, inspired by each of the elements that shape our senses: water, earth, fire, and air.


Dreamy transmits calmness, serenity and comfort, it is a dream only disturbed through the inclusion of organic and reactive elements, manually, thus disclosing singularity, where each piece is a single piece, by appealing to a relaxing and refined effect.


Joyful represents joy and, simultaneously, peacefulness, serenity, harmony and spirituality, which only a blue toned collection can convey, under a contemporary perspective of porcelain reactive glazes.

Saturno Coupe

Low, open, elegant. A collection developed so that each gastronomic creation is part of a sensory whole, with a special focus on plating.


A wide line of bowls inspired by the so-called bowl food from around the world, which responds to the need to give the most diverse culinary creations the same originality, functionality, elegance, and aesthetic sense.


A contemporary line, which stands out when used exclusively or complementing other collections, is an invitation to the creativity of the teams, from the pairing of the pieces to their presentation.


The farm to table line from Costa Verde starts from the concepts closest to stoneware, to develop exceptional pieces with the softness, delicacy, and elegance of porcelain.


The softness of the relief in this collection is inspired by Zen gardens and the sense of balance that they convey to us.

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