Costa Verde, the brand that is with you all over the world!

At Costa Verde, we are proud to be with you all over the world, in the most diverse regions. We have already noted here some of the many places where you can find our porcelain products. In this article, we make a journey through various spaces.

With presence in 50 countries all over the planet, we see ourselves as more than a manufacturer of porcelain. Indeed, we are today an operating and business partner, with a special focus on hotels and catering.

Thanks to numerous efforts in promoting our products, collections and concepts, we are a reference, inside and outside doors. We also assume, as a strategic option for hotels and restaurants’ professionals, which greatly makes us feel proud!

Special mention should be made to some of the emblematic places where we are present, always assertively and with the highest quality.


Between New York and Amarante

One of the spaces where we are present is the renowned Hunt & Fish Club NYC, right at the heart of Manhattan. It is an intimate restaurant, where the classic and the contemporary combine in a balanced way.

Hunt & Fish Club NYC is an homage to Old New York: a traditional-style steakhouse. It offers a rich and sophisticated menu, in which fish and game meat hold a central spot.

We leave New York and land at Quinta da Lixa, at Hotel Monverde, in Amarante. Designed by architect Paulo Lobo, this space was thought to be an integration of accommodation itself, along with the farm. It promotes, therefore, a direct contact with the cultural and landscape patrimony of the surrounding area.

We are also present here. In Costa Verde, we consider ourselves as an integrating element for the essence of this space, where wine assumes paramount importance.


In the beautiful city of Grenoble, France

We continue this trip and we leave immediately for France, another destination for Costa Verde products. We arrived at Brasserie Chavant, an elegant restaurant in the heart of the city of Grenoble. It is a place with baroque-inspired decoration, full of history, which we, Costa Verde, have the honour of equipping.

In this space, we find a traditional but sophisticated cuisine, in a fantastic location. Whether on a tour to the South of France or en route to the Courchevel resort, be sure to stop at Brasserie Chavant and indulge yourself with its refined delicacies.


On this trip, we have been to the United States, we made a pit stop in Portugal and flew to France. We proved, therefore, that we are all over the world. Today, in here, tomorrow in another location, always with the aim of offering the best solutions to hotel and restaurant professionals.

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