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Learn the art of plating

The kitchen is a magical place to put creativity to work and create authentic works of art. After all, the famous expression “a feast for the eyes” is factual! The colours, ingredient arrangement or the type of dish used, for instance, may seem like  insignificant details, but they make a huge difference when serving!

Pay attention to these tips if you want to surprise your guests at your next gathering!

Quantities and colours
When serving, the portions must be considered. For aesthetic and balance reasons, the quantities of food must be defined and reduced, thus having the advantage of becoming easier to plate. In this game of quantities, colours are also essential elements of plating. Imagine that your plate is a canvas and paint the presentation with the different tones and textures of the food.

Position the elements gently
Try to find the perfect balance between the elements that make up the dish. If you consider how you arrange each portion, how you distribute the sauces and all the other components of the meal, you will complete the final presentation in a very easy way. You can create shapes or harmonious food clusters for an elegant effect, taking advantage of the dish’s design to create the final touch!

Although white porcelain is usually the choice that does not disappoint, there are other colours that are equally versatile.

The porcelain
Choosing the ideal porcelain makes all the difference and can even be the key element in plating.
If you are new to this art and don’t know which style to choose, we advise you to go plain, with less strong features, but always with refinement! Costa Verde offers several Collections with white porcelain, such as Universal or Agma, but you can also opt for dark and equally neutral colours, such as Guilty or Nostalgic.

In the end, don’t forget to add your magic touch: let your imagination run wild and let your creativity flow. Practice!

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