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Bring colour to the end of summer with these snacks

As Summer comes to an end, the desire to enjoy the last moments rushes in. Snack on something much fresher and healthier! There’s nothing better than matching colours on the freshest foods and serving them to your guests in the perfect items, everything in tune with the essence of the season!

Here are some ideas to freshen up your life, as well as some suggestions for porcelain that are simply ideal for this time of year!

Cherry tomatoes & mozzarella cheese

Two tasty ingredients, both fresh and very healthy! Together, they make an extremely delicious snack. You can use them to make small skewers using toothpicks, and season them with a few drops of olive oil and oregano. It’s super easy to prepare and will make everyone happy!

Considering the colours on both elements, we suggest you look at Costa Verde’s Flirty or Dreamy collection. Summer is served!


Practical, easy to make and with so many different flavours to choose from you will make any family member or friend happy! In addition to being a very tasty dessert, it’s low in calories and not heavy on the stomach, avoiding feeling full.

If you like darker colours even during the Summer, but still want some cool details, the Costa Verde Neutral set will work magic on your table! Take a look at the serving bowls and see how perfect they are for your Summer snacks!

Chia Seed Pudding

A highly nutritious, low-calorie and super delicious snack! Chia wards off heart disease, controls and prevents diabetes, strengthens the immune system and protects your bones among other benefits that you can only gain by introducing this superfood, and there’s nothing better than achieving that by eating a delicious pudding!

For lovers of blue and the sea, we suggest the Agma Marino collection. Highly versatile porcelain that won’t go unnoticed!

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