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Bowls: The New Fashion of Serving Meals in Bowls!


Bowls, under the influence of various cuisines from around the world, are changing what we eat and how we do it. Publications such as The New York Times have already written about this, with special focus on porcelain pieces we use to eat and serve food.

New Yorkers stopped eating on plates to turn to bowls, the power bowls. There were new menus of luxury salads, such as those made by the renowned Sweetgreen restaurant.

Bowls and salad bowls are now the basis for perfect combinations of lean protein, healthy vegetables and other tasty preparations. In bowls, everything comes together in a perfect blend of textures and flavors.

Various cultures, particularly the Asian ones, share their gastronomy using bowls and dishes placed in the middle of the tables. They offer a wide variety of foods, probably in a smaller quantity, which is healthy and sustainable.


Wrap different flavors in Costa Verde porcelain bowls!


We are becoming less formal in the way we eat and have fun with food from around the world. What we eat can be defined as bowl food.

Costa Verde porcelain meets this worldwide trend and is the perfect solution for the so-called bowl food revolution. The Universal line bowls have been carefully designed to exceed the requirements of this increasingly global diet. From bowls to batter to containers for caramel pudding, Universal has the solution.

As a complement, we offer two rectangular plates. And, for special moments, we also have a tasting dish, with a glass in the middle, elegantly covered by a cloche, ideal for an amuse bouche.

The Universal porcelain line is, therefore, comprised by a 23 cm salad bowl and several bowls with diameters between 3 and 9 cm or between 7 and 15 cm, totaling 6 options. We also offer a 24 cm coupe dish, which is an excellent solution for pastas and salads.

Let yourself be inspired! Make a vegetarian risotto with beet cream, by finishing your composition with a tasting plate with lid and two solutions of rectangular plates 13 cm wide and 31 or 37 cm long.

Come and meet Universal, the new line to eat and serve, designed by Studio Levien to Costa Verde! It is versatile, stylish and resistant to microwave, oven, refrigerator and washing machine.



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