Costa Verde: A sustainable company with evidence given!

Costa Verde is committed to the sustainable development of its industrial activity. Therefore, it faces social commitments and environmental, energy and innovation management as part of its integrated management.

Since 2002, it has implemented and certified its management system, under ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety), SA 8000 (Social Accountability), ISO 5001 (Energy Efficiency), NP 4457 (Research, Development and Innovation), by also being a training entity, certified by DGERT.
In the area of ​​social accountability, Costa Verde’s bet is mainly on the well-being of its workers. People are more productive, focused and motivated when they are happy and healthy.

Costa Verde has been recognized for its sustainable practices, by being, nowadays, a reference as a socially accountable and innovative company. Evidence of this recognition are the constant invitations to take part in seminars on the theme and the awards it has received, such as:

  • The LCIP Award on Eco-Design, for the “Minimun” project;
  • Distinction within Ceramics Portugal Does It Better, through the awarding of the “Gold” badge by APICER;
  • Award of Honor by the CWII Corporate Wellness International Institute, for the project presented under Health Wellness category;
  • 2017 Litoral Magazine Awards prize under Development category.


Costa Verde: More than a sustainable manufacturer, a partner!


The external recognition of Costa Verde‘s strategy for sustainability has contributed to the national and international dissemination of the brand. As a leading company, in terms of the productive process and innovative in sustainable practices, it has established several partnerships. Get to know some of the most relevant ones.

  • Costa Verde has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2014. It endorses the 10 principles based on universally accepted declarations, namely the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the International Labor Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.
  • It is a partner of the “Centro Qualifica” from Aveiro – AEVA – in order to promote the recognition, validation and certification of employees’ competences at school level.
  • It has settled agreements with several departments of the University of Aveiro for research and development projects as well as curricular internships.
  • With the Technological Center of Ceramics and Glaze (CTCV), it has partnerships in research and development projects under the fields of 3D printing, nanotechnology and microwave firing.
  • It is a partner for the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), with which it develops several investigation projects.
  • In the aim of EUCERMAT, it cooperates with the University of Limoges, on the performance of ceramic materials’ students interchange in industry, with personalized training programs;
  • It has established a partnership to SAMA for German productive equipment supply. Together, they have created know-how synergies in order to design technologically innovative equipment.
  • The design of new products for the international projection of Costa Verde’s brand is in charge of Studio Levien.



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