About Us

Costa Verde started its activity in 1992, by being one of the most modern companies in the sector, worldwide. Based on an innovative philosophy, it has invited the main Portuguese porcelain distributors, in order for them to participate in its share capital and industry.

The idea has proven to be a success because it extraordinarily strengthened the ties with distribution, thus allowing, in such a traditional sector with so many barriers, a faster market product’s access. The outcome was a strong implantation across the Portuguese market, which turned Costa Verde into a highly recognized brand.

But the activity could not be limited to the national market! Therefore, a business plan was drafted, from the beginning, containing guidelines for the brand’s introduction in other countries.

Over almost 30 years of steady growth, partnerships have emerged from various marketplaces around the world. The constant research, creation and development of new products and concepts has allowed Costa Verde to be present across more than 50 locations and obtaining 70% of revenues across the international market.

The production unit is located in the district of Aveiro, in Portugal, with a covered area of 35,000 sqm and an available area of over 65,000 sqm.

Our services

Hotels and Restaurants’ Sector

We design and produce porcelain thought for the hotels and restaurants’ sectors: from practical, stackable and resistant pieces to author cuisine’s idealized pieces.

Decoration and Personalisation

Under a piece of an existing collection, we develop new personalised decorations.

Product Development

Our factory and our team hold the necessary conditions and know-how to the development of new products, from ideas to the final product, while also providing support across complementary areas..