Gastronomy: Meet 8 of the Most Expensive Delicacies in the World

World gastronomy is an issue as vast as diverse. Today, we will talk about certain exclusive ingredients, to which only the most privileged wallets have access. We all know some examples of those products, such as white truffle, vanilla bean or even natural saffron. This one is even considered the most expensive spice in the world, surpassing the value of gold!

This article is aimed at showing you that there are delicacies, of which you may have never heard of. At Costa Verde, we like to discover and share with you these curiosities about the world of haute gastronomy.


Exclusive gastronomy: 8 Products, which will surprise you


1. Potatoes La Bonnote

Potatoes are part of common food and are usually seen as a fairly affordable product. La Bonnote potatoes, however, clearly escape this rule. One kilogram of these tubers can cost approximately 600 euros.

This potato is extremely rare, by being planted only in the region of Noirmoutier, an island of the west coast of France. Its production is limited to only 100 tonnes per year. In order to provide them with a salty and unique taste, these potatoes are fertilized with seaweed from the region.

Because of its fragility, the harvest has to be made by hand, with all the care. Known as the “caviar of the potato world“, this species almost went into extinction between the two great World Wars.


2. Moose milk cheese

This cheese is very rare and of exclusive Swedish production. Its scarcity comes from two main reasons: because it is made with milk from an unusual animal and by the tiny quantities which it can produce. Also the milking process is not easy. It is necessary to milk each animal for two hours in order to get about 1 litre of milk.

These peculiarities, combined with its unique flavour, make this cheese one of the rarest and most expensive in the world of gastronomy. Each year, only 300 kg of moose milk cheese is produced and the price per kg can rise up to 1,000 euros.


3. Yubari King Melons

Originating from the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan, these melons are not part of common gastronomy. They are so rare that less than 200 specimens are produced per year in greenhouses, under extremely controlled conditions.

Fruits are distinguished by their perfectly rounded shape and unique and sweet taste. They are sold only by auction and can reach astronomical values. There are records of having sold a melon of this type for a sum of 13 thousand euros!


4. Strottarga Bianco (Albin Caviar)

Symbol of wealth, this delicacy can be acquired for 100 thousand euros per kg! They are eggs of the Siberian Albin Sturgeon, considered as rare gems in the world of Haute Gastronomy.

Their incredibly high value is due to some interesting peculiarities. To be able to obtain caviar, this species of sturgeon needs to reach between 14 and 16 years of age. After harvest, eggs are dehydrated and covered with 22-carat edible gold leaf. It is this final step that triggers the price of albino caviar, by making it even more valuable.


5. Chocolate To’ak

This luxurious chocolate, whose name means “Earth and Tree“, is made only with two ingredients: cocoa and sugar. The secret lies in the rare variety of cocoa comprising it. It is a species that is cultivated solely in the Vale Piedra de Plata forest, in Ecuador. Of limited and very reduced production, a modest bar of 50 grams can rise up to 250 euros.


6. Matsutake Mushrooms

Although rare, these mushrooms can be found in various regions of the world, such as Europe, Asia and North America. It is, however, on the Asian continent that they are more common and also more sought after.

This mushroom species can be found in the roots of certain trees, like the red pine-tree of Japan. It is a widely appreciated mushroom by its aroma and strong and spicy palate. Their value per kg can vary between 100 and 800 euros.


7. Elvish Honey

Originating from a deep cave in Turkey, where it was discovered by chance, this is the most expensive honey in the world. It has been produced in a totally natural way for several years and is believed to have important medical properties.

As it seems, the walls of the cave itself and the floral species of the region have endowed this honey with unique nutrients. For these characteristics, this nectar is sought after for its flavour, but also for medical purposes.

Its uniqueness and the difficulty of extraction make it reach astronomical values, close to 5,000 euros per kg.


8. Da Hong Pao Tree Tea

About 8,000 euros is the price to pay for a portion of this valuable tea, the most expensive in the world. It may seem unbelievable, but there are connoisseurs willing to spend this amount for a simple cup of the drink.

What makes this tea so valuable is its scarcity. The trees that give rise to it are called Da Hong Pao and are extremely rare. They are found only in the Wuyi Mountains, China, and the harvest of their leaves is limited to 1 kg per year.


For many of us, these products are only simple fantasies in the world of gastronomy. Targeting the lucky few with access to more exclusive food may even seem extravagant whims. But we should never inhibit dreaming! Many dreams become reality, so who knows if any of these precious things will not reach our plates one day?

Meanwhile, we must enjoy and appreciate our gastronomy in every day-by-day meal. Even if it sounds simple and informal, it’s up to us to make it unique and even more appetizing. A refined platting, by using sophisticated porcelain pieces, can easily increase value to your meals.




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