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Gastronomy: These trends are changing the way we eat


In gastronomy, there have been many trends, as a reflex of the change in attitude towards health and sustainability. The year of 2018 is getting pretty rich with regard to new fashions in food.

Who has not yet identified the popularity of brunch, the food in bowls and the spread of the avocado pear? And who has never heard of the renowned Timut pepper or the festive tea? These are just a few examples, but it is possible to mention many more.

Experts point to 2018 as the year of the consolidation of vegan gastronomy. However, they account for a more adventurous vegetarian perspective, with the experience of vegetables hitherto unknown, thus providing new experiences.

It should be noted, however, that not only the gastronomic options are producing changes in our food. The way we eat is also influenced by new technological tools and a greater social awareness.


7 Trends that have been marking gastronomy


1. Food that is friendly to the digestive system

Bowel problems are at the top of individuals’ health concerns. Therefore, there is a strong tendency to consume probiotic foods, such as Korean Kimchi and Japanese Miso. Also the prebiotics, like the onion and the garlic, gained some prominence.


2. Poke

This typical dish from Hawaii has been gaining prominence in world cuisine. It is a kind of sushi, but it does not require a fussy presentation. Because it is not yet very popular, this presentation of food is very economical. In addition, it is customizable as it allows you to play with various ingredients depending on the taste of each person.


3. Timut Pepper

Also known as fake pepper, this spice had its origin in Nepal. It is extremely aromatic, with floral notes such as rose and jasmine, and a smoky, woody touch. In its composition, we still have to mention the passion fruit and the orange, among other citrus, like grapefruit and lemon.

This spice is excellent to accompany fish, carpaccio, tartar and ceviche, as well as crustaceans and shellfish. It is also an excellent choice for meats, white or red, as well as for white or fresh goat cheese. Fruits should also not be set aside. Note that this type of pepper may be allied with other spices, such as cardamom or rosemary.


4. Party tea (jasmine and ginger)

Tea is prepared with hot water, through the infusion of flowers, herbs, leaves or roots. This drink has become increasingly popular, so sales for home consumption have been growing up. It is, therefore, likely to proliferate commercial spaces with special conditions for “tea-time”!


5. Herb-based Protein

Herb-based protein, such as the bowl of avocado burrito, has proved to be one of the most popular gastronomic options among cooks. Due to the use of ingredients such as tofu and quinoa, it represents a rise in veganism.

This trend also results from the redefinition of Indian cuisine, rich in legumes. In effect, it has taken the restaurants back to the “roots” of vegetables, with originality and appeal. Meat-based meals are therefore expected to decline over the next few years.


6. Mindfulness

The English word Mindfulness means state of complete awareness. This condition results in new attitudes of consumers, who seek to know more and more about the food they consume. Knowing their origins and the way they are prepared, it becomes easier to ascertain their real value. This is, therefore, a new challenge for producers and Marketing managers.

Buzzwords such as health and wellness, social awareness and nutrition play a very important role in gastronomy and in the process of buying food. In addition to these criteria, the cost is also relevant to buyers.


7. Artificial Intelligence

Currently, artificial intelligence occupies an important place in the market. Solutions like Alexa, Google Home and Sonos are helping the consumer in the food items shopping process. It is estimated that in the coming years the number of smart appliances in homes will grow exponentially, revolutionizing the current concept of supermarket.

The relationship between the so-called Internet of Things and food industry is intense and will be, even more so, in the future. Therefore, technological devices will be primarily responsible for the replacement of essential products in our homes. Yet, supermarkets, as we know them today, will be responsible for the commercialization of fresh and special foods.


At Costa Verde, we work daily in order to develop solutions that meet these and other gastronomic trends. Both elegant and refined options, as well as casual and practical pieces, stand out for excellence and the ability to enhance the presentation of food.

Lines like Saturno, Eclipse and Duo have cups and mugs of various shapes and capacities to serve tea. Also the Universal collection results from the adaptation to a new trend in gastronomy: the bowl food revolution.

Dare to explore the possibilities that Costa Verde provides to make up your table. When choosing your dishware service, make the right choice. Choose the best quality porcelain pieces.



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