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Plating up: Tips for presenting your dishes with art


Plating up refers to magic and art in the kitchen. There are several trends on this subject. The vision we share at Costa Verde is the outcome from the work done in Portugal and across several international markets.

We want to provide success to your food and food preparation. In this article, we’ll provide you some simple tips, which will undoubtedly make a difference when it comes to displaying your plates.


7 Plating Up Tips to Surprise at the Table


1. Choose white crockery

During plating up, the dish acts as a painting, which you can colour with food. This will necessarily have to be elegant, to contrast with the various delicacies. Let us, first of all, propose any piece of Costa Verde in white. Opting for an article of this color will allow you to create a canvas on which you will express all your magic and art.


2. Use simplicity

Another extremely useful tip is to follow the old saying keep it simple. The idea put forward by Leonardo da Vinci that “simplicity is the last degree of sophistication” is in line with what we defend at Costa Verde.


3. Highlight a food item

Remember that less is more and choose a special ingredient to highlight your plating. It may be meat, pasta, fish or simply a vegetable. Use the remaining ingredients in order to decorate, to create magic and art! Therefore, you will focus your attention on the main element.


4. Play with different colours and textures

Because we are talking about art, use colours as well as textured food items. Allow yourself to travel around the world of sensations. A meal in which there is a particular care about plating aims much more than the satisfaction of a need from the well-known pyramid of Maslow. It is, in addition, a social moment, during which people are open to experience.


5. Pay attention to quantity

It is important to make sure you provide the exact amount of food on the plate. This old variable is often overlooked when it comes to author’s cuisine or a more refined plating. Finding the ideal amount is not easy. Always bear in mind the people you serve.


6. Offer balanced meals

Compose a dish with the proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables needed to get a balanced meal.


7. Give a final touch

Finally, present the dish clean, by removing possible crumbs and drips of sauces that may have fallen during the plating. These elements will surely create noise on your plate.


If your goal is to create good plating with your delicacies, do not forget the most important rule: Have fun at the kitchen through art and magic!



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