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Porcelain: 3 Reasons into choosing this ceramic material!


Porcelain may raise some doubts at the time of purchase, especially as it is a slightly more expensive product than other ceramics. However, there are some unique features that certainly outweigh the amount paid.

We then give you 3 good reasons to choose porcelain pieces, whether for your hotel or restaurant, whether to use at home or even to offer.


1. Hardness and resistance

The porcelain holds unique delicateness and beauty. It has also been perfected in order to become pleasing to the touch. However, this is not synonymous with fragility, on the contrary.

The resistance and durability of the material are currently two very important factors in the porcelain production process. This is because there is greater care and demand in the choice of raw materials.

The Mohs scale scores from 1 to 10 the hardness of materials and their resistance to scratches. In fact, the porcelain has a hardness equivalent to 7, very close to the diamond. It is therefore a durable material and it can be used frequently and over many years without losing the initial quality and beauty.


2. Elegance and sobriety

When we prepare a dinner for friends or we choose dishes for a restaurant, we think about the decoration of the environment and the table. Even at hotels, which work the concept of elegance and sophistication, chosen dishes and decorative materials are very important factors.

Sometimes we want something simple. Other times, we prefer something exquisite. Porcelain services are suitable for both situations and have the capacity to be timeless, especially those of white porcelain. Since they have no added colour, they can be matched with any style. In addition, by being of a neutral tone, allow the meal served to stand out, which makes them ideal for restaurants.

Porcelain collections are not “of fashion” or trend and can be used at any time or event. At Costa Verde, there is a wide variety of designs, so you do not have to choose white-coloured pieces. Also, coloured ones provide an elegant and sober visual image, by being able to become the highlight of any presentation. Choose the collections which best suit your needs.


3. Greater hygiene

This is a very important factor, especially on a large-scale use, as it happens in cafes, restaurants and hotels. In these places, it is necessary to pay attention to the image that is transmitted, since materials’ cleanness is an item setting customers’ satisfaction.

Note that, the higher the porosity of the ceramic, the easier it will be to absorb elements with which it contacts, by turning cleaning process difficult. Porcelain, because it has almost no porosity, is a hygienic material. It has a homogeneous surface and totally waterproof resistant, for which it does not absorb impurities.

Keeping porcelain pieces clean is, therefore, easier. In addition, it is possible to use them more frequently, making their cost compensate for the durability.



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