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7 Tricks for an Exemplary Plating!


The art of well-cooking is inseparable from the art of presenting food items, by making them appealing to a simple look. As such, these days, enormous importance is attached to plating.

Gastronomy awakens all our senses, by transforming the simple process of nourishing ourselves into unique and unforgettable sensations. Surely you have heard the expression “appetizing to the eyes!”, but have you questioned its meaning?

When we eat, the first sense to be stimulated is vision. By mentally accepting, or not, the food, it is important to make the dish appealing, by leading our imagination through the endless world of smells, colours and flavours.

In order to rise interest around food, there is plating, which assumes, as main function, making the meal more attractive and appetizing. Throughout History, this technique has been evolving, by passing from serving food on the plate in a more presentable way, aiming to increase the craving for ingredients and to impress.

Nowadays, across modern gastronomy (Nouvelle Cuisine), it is usual to use a personal interpretation at the presentation. That being said, we will provide you with some tips on how to make your dish visually interesting and attractive.


7 Plating Tips in order to create appetizing dishes


1. Start by finding a source of inspiration

It can be an image, an object, a culture (French, Oriental, Mediterranean) or simply an experience, which has been part of your life. This way, you can transport the diner to something lived by you.


2. Choose the right dish

The safest option will always be opting for a plate with simple, modern lines and preferably in white or light colours. Costa Verde has a wide range of products, which will surely meet your preferences.

You should avoid intense colours as they may conflict with some food items. If you want to add some colour, choose a table marker (sousplat), aiming to highlight the decoration of the table.


3. Everything comprising the dish should be edible

Display, on the plate, only items which can be eaten. Pay special attention to pieces with bones, lumps, bouquets of herbs, peppers and whole chilli peppers.


4. The balance and harmony of the dish are essential

Try to find a coherence between colours, shapes and textures, by showing variety. Add some visual interest and increase the taste for food even before it is tasted. It is also important for the same harmony to be found in food. As such, balance the amount of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.


5. Focus on a point

Normally, protein is the major point, but it is not mandatory to be so. After choosing the component you want to emphasize, place it in the centre or higher, so that you can see it amongst the remaining elements. Use the remaining ingredients as complements to the decoration.


6. Serve food at the correct temperature

Porcelain helps keeping the meal at the right temperature, by allowing you to enjoy the best possible experience. This is seen by Costa Verde as an essential aspect, since it ensures quality and maintains the properties of food items.


7. Plating should always carry a personal touch

Let yourself be taken by inspiration and memories. Be creative, surprise and, above all, rejoice and live the moment with your own friends and family.

Although all the senses are worked on, across gastronomy, taste, smell and vision stand out in totally different ways, by having a differentiating role during the meal.


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