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Mise en place: Compose your table for special occasions!

mise en place

The mise en place is a French term widely used in the world of gastronomy. In the literal sense, it means “to put in order”. The concept applies not only to food preparation, but also to the table layout where it is served.

When it comes to the mise en place of your table for an important occasion, you should not forget some details. Trust in our tips, so that the moment is not only special, but equally unforgettable.


7 Mise en place tips for a special occasion


1. Menu

Before thinking about the dishes and the glasses, think about what will serve as a meal and drinks. Do not forget that if it is a special and unforgettable occasion, the menu should be equally exclusive.


2. Table linen

No mise en place, table linen is very important. This should be comfortable, of light fabric and of quality. Colours like white, ivory and pearl are safe and elegant solutions. Discard, in turn, garish or dark tones.

It is recommended that you choose cloth napkins. In addition, the table should be comfortable, so you can use a slightly padded protector.


3. Cutlery

When choosing the cutlery, choose a simple line with, at least, 4 mm thick. Offer pieces with body, but in timeless shapes. You can use gilded or brushed cutlery, the option of the normal glossy finish being the most consensual.

Cutlery display must follow the basic rules of etiquette and protocol. That is, it must be placed in the reverse order of its use.


4. Porcelain

Regarding porcelain, use a white collection or one with a small detail, be it anagram, filament or decorated band. Choose soft tones or metallic colours, such as gold or platinum.

At Costa Verde, we hold carefully created collections for special moments. Let us introduce you to Saturno, in its various versions, Eclipse, of off-centred character, and the modern Opera, never forgetting the organic Isola collection. Any one offers very interesting operational solutions, being the guarantee of success for the mise en place.


5. Layout

The layout of the table should depend on how the meal is served. In American serving, dishes come already prepared from the kitchen. In traditional, in its turn, the meal is served in place.

It is also important to have markers to, thus, “mark” each place. In the event of a traditional service, consider a shallow dish and a soup dish. Do not forget the bread dish.


6. Glasses

Glasses are equally important in the mise en place, considering they are the highest pieces in presence on the table. Its shape must be suitable for serving porcelain and cutlery, but, above all, to the drinks you will be serving, whether it is water, red wine, white wine or champagne.

Here again there are several options to be considered, since four types of glass are not always necessary. These elements must be placed on the right front side.


7. Decoration

Finally, as for the overall decoration of the table, it should be simple and central. Use preferably natural flowers or candlesticks. But make sure these do not become obstacles to sight.



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