Porcelain: A new age across restaurants and hotels!

Porcelain has been assuming, in recent years, particularly during the last two decades, a growing importance. The product’s role across the hotels and restaurants’ market, as well as across the catering sector, has been the subject of several analyses. It is intended, therefore, to enrich and add value to the food displayed.

What in the past was considered as a commodity, an undifferentiated asset, today takes-on a central relevance. Proof of this is the widespread concern that currently exists when choosing porcelain.

Let us recall, for example, that for many years the best-selling dish for hotels was only 24cm. This is unthinkable these days. Nowadays, people look for 30, 32 and 34cm dishes, as well as different and bold models, which combine elegance and shape design.

Costa Verde is the main porcelain producer, across this strategic area of ​​business. It is present in the largest and most demanding hotel and restaurant chains, across more than 50 locations. That is why it plays an important role at international level.

By being the satisfaction of the client’s specific needs its main goal, the company itself holds a proactive attitude of support and development. It is based on this principle that it suggests new products and ways of displaying them.

By being aware of the countries where it operates, and in which it intends to enter, Costa Verde often carries out specific market analysis. Thus, it is able to predict future trends and prepare new approaches, based on tracks outlined by professional, national and international, porcelain.


Porcelain following fashions and trends

Cuisine has undergone great changes, as a result of several influences which, without our realizing it, enter our houses. We’re talking, for example, about the television, the computer and the smartphone.

It is, nowadays, evident the need to reproduce, across restaurants, a more welcoming and comfortable environment for clients. According to this, attempts are made, aiming to recreate private environments and promote experimentation. These are major aspects in the study of a certain restaurant space, whether or not included in a hotel unit.

This concern, combined with changes, regarding gastronomic options and food items’ presentation, has led to the development of porcelain bases, which support and facilitate the work of the restaurant professional.

Costa Verde, as a company aware of sector trends, offers porcelain models in which you can find the necessary pieces for the implementation and / or development of a gastronomic line based on the latest trends.

Get to know Costa Verde’s collections and explore a wide range of porcelain pieces of exceptional quality!