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Alberto Pereira, former employee, honours Costa Verde

Costa Verde

We continue sharing with you an initiative that we are very proud of at Costa Verde. We talked about MyCostaVerde project, where we’ve been gathering some testimonies of former employees of the company, meanwhile retired.

In this article, we bring about another important figure from our path. Alberto Pereira shares with us a little of his history and explains to us, through emotional memories, what marked him throughout his professional career.


How Alberto Pereira became a face of Costa Verde

Alberto Pereira is now 78 years old. It was in 1993, when he started his work in this company. He had been living as an emigrant in Venezuela and there he met Antonio das Neves, when they were both on the other side of the Atlantic.

António Lourenço das Neves was the founder of Costa Verde and became an important figure in the region. Upon returning to Portugal, he employed Alberto in what was to become one of the most modern porcelain production units in Europe.

“When I returned to Portugal, I came to Costa Verde, asking for work, and it was him who got me work in here”, says the former employee, notoriously sensitized and grateful after all these years. “Mr. António Lourenço das Neves was a very important person for me, I am very grateful for that,” he adds, in an interview that you can see, as a whole, in here.


Alberto Pereira’s path in producing porcelain

Alberto Pereira started his activity in Costa Verde, back in 1993, and got retired in 2007. It was 14 years of collaboration, during which his work was connected to the furnaces, more precisely the glazing furnace. It is under enthusiasm and joy that he talks about his experience.

When we asked if we would like to come back, the answer was an immediate yes. Alberto admits missing Costa Verde. He refers he’s been observing the company’s growth and hopes for it to continue. To all current employees, he wishes the best for their professional future, and for them never to forget they are part of a big company.


Our employees are part of our history

The testimonies of Alberto Pereira, Paulinho da Fonseca and the inspired Isabel Mouro are some of the episodes from our history. Each one of their reports allows us to absorb the spirit of Costa Verde. It helps us to appreciate the power of initiative, humility and the spirit of sympathy, which characterizes our employees.

Each of these testimonies takes us on a personal and intimate journey. From their first days and over the years, in a very rich journey, made of knowledge and experiences. Everything is told with truth and often even in a lively and sensitive way. We believe that these words will also inspire and motivate younger employees. We will continue, as we have hitherto, to invest in the personal valuation of our precious human resources.


MyCostaVerde project is just getting started. Its aim is to continue sharing memories of all those who passed through the company and left for retirement. Costa Verde is much more than porcelain: it’s about people!



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