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Costa Verde: So, that is the most modern porcelain factory in the world

Costa Verde

Costa Verde is synonymous with modernity, rigor and excellence. Welcome to what will surely be the most well-equipped and modern porcelain factory in the whole world!

This is how every day the portuguese company is introduced to clients and potential national and international clients. It is also in this way that it is described by its partners and stakeholders. There are, in fact, several reasons for this.

Costa Verde was one of the last porcelain production units to be built from scratch in the European Union. From the beginning of the activity, the company assumed that one of the structuring pillars of its competitiveness would be the factory.

Close to celebrating 27 years, it keeps in mind the capacity, effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility of the production unit located in Vagos, Aveiro. It is also according to this, that it has made strong investments in order to improve the process and better serving customers.


Technology and innovation holding Costa Verde’s signature

At Costa Verde, most of the cutting-edge machinery being used is of German origin. The unit also serves as a research and investigation centre for new solutions aiming the production of porcelain.

The renowned FRHM machine, developed from scratch and with know-how from Costa Verde, is already being sold by one of the most important German producers. This project, undeniably, proves the brand’s efforts to improve processes.

Also, prototyping has been a reality since 2003. At this moment, the Robocasting process is undergoing final experimentation – Direct prototyping using porcelain ceramic body.

It is also worth mentioning the Primecer project, which aims to develop high performance tableware. The research team is led by Costa Verde and also has the Ceramic and Glaze Technological Centre and the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.

It should be noted that, in addition to these, many more projects and partnerships are worked daily on and by Costa Verde.


Qualified human resources aiming excellence

It is not just the machines that make Costa Verde the best porcelain factory in the world. Its success depends, to a large extent, on highly qualified human resources.

The company strongly invests in the training of its employees and holds extensive and quite structured programs, such as Kaizen Lean. It also stimulates internal creativity for innovation, promotes coaching and, through formative actions, prevents psychosocial and organizational risks, even those most directly involved with the operation.

It also provides diverse training on machinery and work equipment, time management, metrology and conduction and manoeuvring of safe loading and unloading equipment. In short, in 2017, more than 50 courses were provided.

These and many other reasons make Costa Verde a reference unit in the production of porcelain. Subscribe to the blog and continue to follow the work developed by the Portuguese company.



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