Costa Verde Solidária’s Initiative supports cyclone Idai’s victims!

Since earlier, Costa Verde has assumed, as a priority, the respect for ethical, environmental and social values. A permanent investment across the valorization of human resources and respect for the surrounding community have awarded it with several certifications across these areas.

In this line of action, Costa Verde Solidária project was established back in 2014. The main objective of this initiative is to support the poorest families across the municipality of Vagos.

Every year, in December, a collection of assets is organized next to the employees, partners and the surrounding community. This way, we try to provide a happier and more comfortable Christmas to those who need it most.

With the collaboration of all, food items, clothing, footwear and even household appliances are delivered annually to various families in the region.


Sympathy beyond borders

Sympathy is contagious. Let yourself be contaminated! This is the motto of the most recent Costa Verde Solidária campaign, which is heading for its 6th edition.

This year, the company could not remain indifferent to the tragedy caused by cyclone Idai, which hit Mozambique. By gathering efforts from various entities, it decided to carry out an “intermediate action” to collect and send support to the victims. Thus, Idai – Missão Moçambique was established.

At an interview given to Vagos FM Radio Station, Paulo Pinto Santos, Costa Verde’s Marketing Manager, presented the general guidelines for this initiative. “It’s good for us to do something good for people” he said.

In a joint effort, several entities have generously joined this mission. NEVA, O Ponto newspaper, Vagos FM radio and Vagos Town Hall are some examples. The initiative was led by Estímulo, an NGO which supports several communities across Mozambique.


Missão Moçambique – All together for a cause!

Days after Cyclone Idai had hit the Mozambican city of Beira, 8 elements of Portuguese fire-fighting companies went on to the scene. Among them is Nuno Fernandes, an employee of Costa Verde and one of the promoters of Missão Moçambique.

Volunteering is a dream following this pottery professional, since childhood, who has been working in the company for 20 years. It was as a volunteer firefighter that he went to Mozambique. He spent 10 days in the field, along with other volunteers, by having lived tuff and memorable situations.

Nuno Fernandes has shared, in this video, all his experience: what he saw and what he felt during that first mission. It was, deeply moved, that he described one of the most remarkable moments that he witnessed: “A child receiving a pencil and throwing a huge party, as if he had received a PlayStation.”

In an emotional report, the employee emphasized the support of the family and the company itself, who helped him during all his participation across humanitarian aid actions. “Costa Verde was a key piece in my trip to Mozambique, both for the monetary value it made available and for my exemption for the mission,” he explained.

Because it is a joint action, the remaining employees have let themselves get contaminated. There were many who rolled up their sleeves and participated actively in the collection of items carried out by Costa Verde. All the products raised in companies and commercial areas of the municipality of Vagos will be delivered directly to Mozambique, by teams of volunteers. The new mission will be held from May 31st to June 15th.


Costa Verde – A company with values

Costa Verde holds itself globally as a company of people to people. It manifests an ongoing concern with the customer, in terms of maintaining product quality levels.

At each launch of new porcelain collections, it seeks to respond and anticipate the real needs of users. But, also, around human and social issues, the solidary aspect of the company has been growing and strengthening itself.

What began as a local initiative is now reaching another continent, thanks to a joint effort. Costa Verde will continue to do everything aiming to contaminate the public, with this spirit of sympathy and help those in-need.



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