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Costa Verde: Meet MyCostaVerde, a project with history!

Costa Verde

At Costa Verde, we are proud to present you a very special project: MyCostaVerde. With launching date scheduled for December, it aims to perpetuate and share the experiences of those who participated in the construction of our history.

In this initiative, will be gathered the testimonies of some of the company’s former employees, now retired. Together, we will go through their memories, as well as their stories and reflections. The episodes are the outcome of their path through this house and his personal experiences.


A story built-up with memories and sharing

It was with full heart that we received on our Costa Verde our retired, in a day of unity, emotion and joy. An obligatory presence through all great moments of the company, these former employees delighted us with their memories and partitions.

Gatherings just like this, between old and current employees, that reinforce our company identity. These are the values ​​we create and put into the global market every day.

At an initial stage, the project will consist of about ten and a half of real testimonials from former collaborators. Several moments will be addressed, from the entry into the organization to the challenge of returning to Costa Verde for a social gathering. Thus, we intend to make known our history in the first person. Each testimony is filled with simplicity and objectivity, by enriching us with knowledge and experience.


Costa Verde to celebrate the present and the future

At Costa Verde, we see people as a structuring pillar of our activity, both in and out of doors. Our company is certified by SA8000 – Social Accountability standard, which is representative of our responsibilities as an organization. This certification is the highest point of a set of concerns at the environmental as well as social level.

In fact, we take our social awareness at every step. In the exercise of our activity, we take into account the community where we are inserted and the environment in which we operate. Respect for human rights, compliance with social norms and ethical values ​​are safeguarded. We know that the personal valuation of our employees is always a good investment.

MyCostaVerde Project is also a way to honor all of our employees, who are now more than 350. It is thanks to them, who daily they do their best in producing porcelain solutions, that we continue to cross borders. Thus, we reach more than 50 countries around the world.

Stay with us! Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to our publications. Know this initiative, our essence and our work. This is undoubtedly a project of all of us!



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