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Costa Verde: This is Isabel Mouro, one of the faces of MyCostaVerde!

Costa Verde

Costa Verde presents us Isabel Mouro. She is 72 years old and is one of many faces that helped build the history of this company. She accepted to participate in MyCostaVerde’s project, which aims to make known memories and experiences of former employees.

Each testimony is reported in the first person and consists of a sharing of their stories. From the entrance in the factory to the journey of knowledge and experience made over the years, everything is transmitted. Highlights are moments, people and important challenges for each one’s journey. Sometimes the emotion wins, but the final message, itself, is always inspiring!


More than a decade serving Costa Verde

Isabel worked at Costa Verde for 15 years. Before that, she worked “at a store counter”. It is still under astonishment that she describes the moment she entered the company: “I had never seen a factory working from the inside,” she confided.

She began her professional activity in Costa Verde at the stamping section and went through various functions and sections. It is with a nostalgic glow in the eye that she recalls each one of them.

More than a decade gone, she revives with emotion a particular event. She had been working in the factory for a short time when she thought she might be fired. That was she had an unexpected conversation.

“The founder of this house… I think it was him who gave me a hand,” she says, touched. “He talked to me so openly in front of everyone. (…) Mr. Neves was there for a moment, talking to me and that emotionally touched me”, she still remembers.

It could have been the end of this story for Isabel Mouro. But, maybe because of that conversation, it was not. She worked until retirement in 2011, and it is with conviction that she says: “I always did my job willing to do it.”


A tribute to the past, vows for the future

Today, Isabel feels that Costa Verde is very different from what it was back then, “for the better”. She keeps following the evolution of the company and congratulates the current administration on the achieved growth. The invitation to return to the factory was received under great joy. “It’s a way of remembering us,” she says.

At the end of her testimony, the former collaborator recites a poem, summarizing her own experience in the company:


“I went knocking at Costa Verde

to find work.

That’s why I will not forget

the company that wanted to support me.


Across several sectors I worked

in this expanding company

until I reached the age

of my retirement.


Although retired,

by the bosses I was not forgotten,

always for the events I’m invited,

I am very grateful. ”


She also leaves a final message to all the colleagues who are currently working on Costa Verde: “Do not give up! (…) Help the factory to move forward, because … it’s an added value for our own land. ”


People are the ones who, in fact, build success. And Costa Verde knows that! MyCostaVerde’s project is a way to honour the workers, but not only that. It is also a way of passing on their experiences and testimonies to the company’s younger employees. Let yourself be inspired by other testimonies and life stories of those who helped the porcelain producer to grow!



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