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Porcelain: A safe and hygienic material in times of pandemic disease


The COVID-19’s pandemic disease has arrived and affected everything and everyone, with the hotel sector being one of the mostly affected. Many restaurants and hotels had to reinvent themselves and adapt to the current pandemic context, in order to gain the confidence of their customers and keep their doors open.

If you have reopened your business and are looking for the best options, aiming to promote a favourable and safe operation, then porcelain is the solution. Offering a reliable service is essential to successfully overcome this period!


Porcelain’s added values for your business

As important as the food cooking process is the moment of serving. Food items are susceptible to contamination and can be a means of disease transmission. That is why it is essential to choose a material, which contemplates elegance, resistance and, above all, safety!


Easy cleaning

It is essential, in the current scenario, to focus on effective cleaning and disinfection of materials. Porcelain is the most suitable material for intensive use, by being high temperature dishwashing-machine resistant. Ensure your customers with the level of excellence they’re used to and value safety.



Unlike stoneware and earthenware, porcelain is not porous and, therefore, it does not retain impurities or bacteria. The greater the porosity of a piece, the easier it will absorb external elements and consequently the more difficult it will be it sanitisation. By choosing porcelain, you ensure a 100% hygienic service.


Strict quality criteria

Throughout the whole production process, porcelain is subjected to high and demanding quality criteria. Pieces are analysed through laboratory tests, which control the quality of the porcelain and the presence of contaminants. At a time when hygiene is of high importance in our lives, it makes perfect sense to ensure that it makes a good investment.



Porcelain has been gaining its presence in cafes, restaurants, hotels and hospitals, all over the world. Its beauty and delicateness are notorious, but they are not synonymous for fragility. Contrarily to what you might think, porcelain is the most suitable option for intensive use, while maintaining its appearance and quality for many years.


While in a pandemic period, we present you porcelain as an excellent solution to ensure daily hygiene and safety. Discover Costa Verde’s porcelain and gain the confidence of your customers. Choose a collection which meets the essence of your business!





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