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The impact of Covid-19’s pandemic disease across the tourism sector

Covid-19 Tourism

The world is currently facing a Covid-19 pandemic disease, caused by a new type of coronavirus. The harsh measures undertaken by countries, in demanding the isolation of their citizens, are aimed at stopping the contagion from Covid-19. However, the economic impact carried out by these measures will, globally, be huge. So great, that experts predict a financial crisis similar to the one of 2008. In sectors like tourism, where we also operate, the coronavirus’ economic consequences are already being felt.

Without yet being able to predict how longer we will still live through this pandemic disease, the world is, currently, under pause-mode and economies are totally paralyzed. The general feeling is of fear and uncertainty.


Covid-19’s financial impact on tourism

The World Tourism Organization, the United Nations’ specialized agency for the sector, has disclosed, during the last few days, the possible impact of Covid-19 on international tourism activity. Data are not encouraging: across tourism, Covid-19 could cause a drop in activity of between 20% and 30%, by 2020.

The numerous restrictions on travel, under the terms of contingency plans and worldwide states of emergency, will have a brutal impact on this sector. According to the organization, this decrease will imply a worldwide turnover drop of about 300 to 450 billion dollars, which comprises the total loss of growth over the last 5 to 7 years.

These forecasts are based on the most recent developments of the pandemic disease, by having still been presented under some reservations. Their materialisation will depend on the evolution of the singular social and economic challenge facing the world.


Costa Verde sympathetic towards the tourism sector

As you know, Costa Verde’s blog intends to be a disclosure vehicle for the brand, as well as to other issues, directly or indirectly, concerning our activity. However, we feel that, right now, it is not a priority to share, with you, information about our products and projects, curiosities about the table or other similar topics.

Today, we feel the need to write about a sector in which Costa Verde has an active voice and which, like other areas of the economy, is suffering from Covid-19’s pandemic disease: tourism.

As an important agent in the production and sale of hotels and restaurants’ porcelain tableware, we feel deeply concerned about the latest events. The strong impact of Covid-19 across tourism will certainly bring-about serious consequences. We cannot, therefore, fail to offer our sincere sympathetic greetings to all economic players, around the tourism sector, which have been affected by Covid-19.


At a time of sacrifice and suffering, not only for tourism but for the whole global economy, Costa Verde is gathering forces, in order to minimise the effects of the pandemic disease.

In a second moment, we shall strengthen our skills, resilience and initiative so that, in accordance, the tourism sector may quickly return to its previous performances, even if the journey is long and arduous. Costa Verde, your business partner, always present!



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