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Hotel Porcelain: What to consider when it comes to choosing!


Porcelain is considered an object of refinement expression, by being inclusively faced as a cultural display and an art expression. The quality of the materials used in its production, turns porcelain tableware into a sophistication trademark across restaurant spots at hotel units.

Apart from being essential on space preparation, which generally excels in elegance and subtlety, chinaware services play a relevant role on the composition of dishes served to guests.

It is a consensus that porcelain highlights itself from the other materials used for tableware production (such as clay), namely for its resistance, but choosing the best collection is far from being an easy task.

There are several variables to take into account when purchasing a new porcelain service for your hotel, a space which you manage just as if it was your own home. Price, quality and design play a major importance role, when deciding about an investment. But also, helpfulness and flexibility, from the supplying company, ensure an excellency service.

Costa Verde holds these variables deeply rooted, which are more than simple conditions and have become structuring pillars to the way of being in the market and to the business itself.


3 Aspects to be considered in order to choosing the best hotel porcelain


1. Supplier

By inviting the main Portuguese distributers to participate in its project, by including them in its shareholding structure, Costa Verde promotes and distributes its product across the whole national territory (Continental Portugal and autonomous regions) in a quick and professional way.

Yet across external markets, where it holds an impactful position, Costa Verde concerns about counting on with the best professionals in managing its product. Today, there are more than 50 importers and distributers ensuring service provision, across the most diverse geographies.


2. Price

Costa Verde works in Kaisen environment – a philosophy focused on continuous improvement of the roles evolving all company’s staff – and has, probably, the best porcelain production unit in the whole world. Holding qualified human resources, it is ready to provide the market with a porcelain product, at a competitive price, that meets the needs of hostel professionals.


3. Design and functionality

To provide the best service as a supplying company and practicing attractive prices, it is not worth it, if commercialized items are not appealing on what concerns to design and functionality. That is why these two variables are dully scalped upon the development of a new product.

Costa Verde has been working, for more than 15 years, in partnership with the reputed London product designer Studio Levien, chaired by Robin Levien, which counts on with an experienced and market-aware team.

Accordingly, it has developed several lines, either reinforced or fine dining, which meet market needs, always in connection with a team of kitchen technical and f&b consultants. Their opinions and suggestions are the ones which advise Costa Verde in order to display innovative porcelain products, without loosing functionality and easiness of working in a certain hotel or restaurant operation.



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