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Porcelain: A safe and hygienic material in times of pandemic disease

The COVID-19’s pandemic disease has arrived and affected everything and everyone, with the hotel sector being one of the mostly affected. Many restaurants and hotels had to reinvent themselves and adapt to the current pandemic context, in order to gain the confidence of their customers and keep their doors open. If you have reopened your […]
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The new self-service: Adapting and innovating towards greater safety

The hotel and restaurant’s sector is constantly reinventing itself! After the confinement measures, imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic disease, the General Directorate for Health has disclosed a series of new rules, aimed the reopening of restaurants and hotels, including news about the self-service system. The deconfinement phase brought the need of discovering new solutions, aimed […]
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5 Culinary Books you need to know

Books are, without any doubt, one of the best companies we can have and, in the kitchen, a good culinary book can make all the difference! When we are at home, or when we travel, we can acknowledge reading as a great ally. But, much more than good company, books are one of the best […]
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