Miguel Anacleto: Two Decades of Dedication Towards Costa Verde!

At Costa Verde, we feel proud of being present across more than 50 trading markets, worldwide. We’re flattered at being business partners for the most reputed hotel chains and the choice of chefs across the most varied gastronomic traditions. But this is only possible because we are proud of our human resources, both the currently working and those already retired.

Today, by counting on with around 370 employees, we do not forget who helped us along this path. MyCostaVerde project is a hymn, a true tribute. We dedicate it to all those who, during their life, have helped us at turning this company into what it is today. We, thus, intend to keep alive the experiences of all those who, despite being now retired, have cooperated with us.


“At Costa Verde I used to feel myself at home”

As part of MyCostaVerde project, we bring you the simple and heartfelt testimony of Miguel Anacleto, nowadays with 81 years old. He started working for the company back in 1993, the year of implementation of the European Single Market. By having started his work, in the second year of activity of the industrial unit, he followed the beginning of our history.

Mr. Anacleto contributed towards our growth and has closely watched all the initial changes and adaptations. By having been here for about 20 years, he knows what the company went through, during that first stage.

During his activity, Miguel Anacleto worked in the biscuit furnace. Today, when remembering these times, he says: “Costa Verde has opened a very wide space in my life. Because that’s where I got my retirement from, which is not big, but it helps me a lot in life. ”

The former employee confesses to miss the friends he left here and to feel the lack of their presence and friendship. “Good friends, who’ve made me feel nostalgic! It was one of the things that left me some feelings when I got into retirement, “he recalls, by adding,” At Costa Verde, I felt like I was at home. ”

He also leaves a message of encouragement to current employees: “Each one of us should always do the best he can, for the benefit of all.”


MyCostaVerde – Reunions, Memories and Shares

Stories, like the one from Miguel Anacleto, make us believe that we are on the right path. These sensitive, inspiring and truthful testimonials leave us with a sense of mission accomplished.

Our story is built-up through memories and experiences and it is heartfelt that we welcome our retired people back into Costa Verde. The reunion and sharing between current and former employees represent the true essence of MyCostaVerde project.

The wisdom and stories of the elders inspire younger generations and enrich us all. Our corporate identity also passes through these emotional testimonies, filled-up with simplicity.


At Costa Verde, we are more than just a world reference company in porcelain production. We are the sum of the stories of all those who, at each step, have supported us and helped us moving forward. Each day, we work for you, in order for you to get the best porcelain products. Today, we look back into the past with pride, aiming to continue our journey.



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