Costa Verde: Get to know its activity, mission and certifications!

Costa Verde started its activity in 1992. It is one of the most modern porcelain manufacturing companies in the European Union, if not all over the world. Its industrial unit is located in Vagos (Aveiro, Portugal) and has 30.000 m² of covered area and 60.000 m² of available area.

Because it considers human resources’ qualification as a priority, Costa Verde invests at all times in the training of employees and in updating processes. It is an entity certified by the General Directorate for Employment and Labor Relations (GDELR) and has a position across the markets where it operates based on customer service.


Innovative technology and a high-quality product

The product of Costa Verde excels by a high-quality index. The factory is equipped with innovative technology of German origin and makes use of strictly selected national and foreign raw materials. 75% of the production is exported to the European Union, the United States of America, Japan, South Korea, England, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Angola and other geographies.

Costa Verde’s quality department carries out a continuous evaluation and control work, in close liaison with the Ceramics and Glass Department from the University of Aveiro and the Technological Center for Ceramics and Glass of Coimbra.

The mission of Costa Verde is defined. It intends to stand out for innovation, proactivity and flexibility in the creation of exceptional products and services. It aims to achieve the full satisfaction of its clients and shareholders, respecting the internal and external environment of the organization.

Its vision is to be a market leader in the hotel segment and a reference in terms of innovation and social liability.


Costa Verde: A responsible and highly certified company

With a very high level of certification, already achieved by ISO 9001 Quality Management, Costa Verde soon became aware of the importance of asserting itself as an environmentally responsible company.

It is certified by ISO 14001Environmental Management System – and holds the hygiene and safety of employees as a structuring pillar for its activity, by having obtained the certification OHSAS 18001 Hygiene and Safety.

Social liability is the culmination of Costa Verde’s concerns, both at the environmental and social levels, and which directly or indirectly interfere with people’s daily lives. Thus, Costa Verde makes decisions taking into account the community where it is included and the environment where it operates, by not forgetting the respect for human rights and ethical values, compliance with social norms and protection of the environment. Also attentive to the investment in the personal valuation of its employees, it is therefore a company certified by SA8000 standard.

Costa Verde operates in a sector where energy is decisive by being also certified by ISO 50001 standard. The implementation of an energy management system provides a new standard for energy efficiency standardization.


Research, Innovation and Permanent Development

Research, Innovation and Development are the focus of the porcelain manufacturer’s attention, certified by NP 4457 standard. Innovation management is part of the technological development process, which includes the application of technology across products or processes and the adoption and technological diffusion in the company. This latter aspect should be seen as the introduction of new technologies in the company at product level, in manufacturing processes or in any functional area. This is a new area of ​​knowledge, essential for companies to maximize the benefits of using technology as well as their development, thus creating conditions for greater competitiveness in the market. Whether it is for the development of a new product or for choosing new equipment and systems to support design and production, success depends essentially on how technology is managed.

Costa Verde works in Kaizen environment and believes that it can always do more and better every day. No day should pass without you having the responsibility to implement any structural or individual improvement.

Costa Verde, much more than porcelain!



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