Explore the delicacies of chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay

If you are a cuisine lover and you enjoy following the work of the main chefs, be it across social networks or dedicated channels, we’re producing this article thinking about you! Like we’ve already done with two Portuguese chefs, during this publication we will talk about the strong digital presence of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, two famous British chefs.

Costa Verde wants to continue following their recollection moments, during this pandemic period, by bringing you interesting contents, which will allow you spending this season in the best way.


Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay – A legion of fans

Born in the United Kingdom, Oliver and Ramsay are the two chefs with the hugest number of followers, across Instagram, by using this channel to share some of their knowledge.

Both Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are ambassadors of the best there is in the world’s cuisine. Social networks, especially Instagram, have been great allies of both chefs who, through photography and video, publish the most varied contents.

In a period when we spend more time at home, sharing is very important. Both for these professionals, who continue to keep in touch with their audience, and for us, so we can explore new cuisine ideas.

Both of them have a huge legion of fans, who are adventuring themselves, at trying new things in the kitchen. But what is it that attracts so many followers to Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay’s social networks? Let’s try to find out.


Jamie Oliver’s healthy cuisine

James Trevor Oliver, better known as Jamie Oliver, was born in the United Kingdom, on May 27th, 1975, and is, nowadays, one of the world’s most reputed chefs. Known for his natural and organic cuisine, Jamie Oliver has been conducting, for a few years, the Food Revolution movement, whose main goal is to change eating habits and promote healthy eating.

By having started his contact with the cuisine, when he was only 5 years old, in his parents’ restaurant, Oliver is, today, the owner of several restaurant chains, author of numerous books and holds a strong presence across TV channels.

Besides being an excellent cook and creator, Jamie Oliver is a natural born communicator, which can certainly explain the 8 million people who follow him on Instagram. On is account, it is also quite common, for him to share family moments with his 5 children, who accompany him (almost) daily in the kitchen.


The dreadful and beloved Gordon Ramsay

No one gets indifferent to Gordon Ramsay. Well-known for the “fearsome character” he has played, during his numerous television appearances, Ramsay is one of the most renowned international chefs. Along with Jamie Oliver, he shares, besides his profession, un undeniable regular presence across the media.

Gordon Ramsay was born in 1966, in Scotland, by having opened his first restaurant at the age of 32. In just 3 years, he was awarded 3 Michelin Stars and, today, he already holds 16 stars.

Controversial, pragmatic, but also an example to all cuisine professionals, Gordon Ramsay owns 12 restaurants and hosts the well-known TV shows Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef.

On Instagram, he has already surpassed 8 million followers and usually shares, besides moments of his daily life, several recipes and some tips. His famous Lobster Spaghetti and White Bean Cappuccino with White Truffle continue being Ramsay’s two favourite dishes.


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