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Henrique Sá Pessoa and José Avillez: renowned Portuguese chefs

Portuguese chefs

During these protective-days, to which the pandemic disease has forced us into, we hope, first of all, that all is well with you and those related to you.  The days at home allow us to think about topics, different than usual. In accordance, we have been trying to write about other themes and today we have decided to focus on two well-known Portuguese chefs: Henrique Sá Pessoa and José Avillez.

Our references go to the above-mentioned chefs, but there are several nationally and internationally renowned professionals, who you can follow, to let yourself get inspired in the kitchen. Across social networks, especially Instagram, it is common for chefs to promote, rather frequently, interesting culinary sharing moments.


Henrique Sá Pessoa – A Portuguese chef with “Alma”

Henrique Sá Pessoa, graduated from the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Institute, is one of the most prestigious Portuguese chefs. By counting on with a wide international experience, by having  passed through the kitchens of some of the best restaurants, across England and Australia, Sá Pessoa returned to Lisbon, where he, nowadays, owns several spaces. The most emblematic and awarded is the majestic Alma restaurant, which already holds two Michelin Stars, one of the most important classifications, in the gastronomy world.

Besides Alma, Henrique Sá Pessoa owns other restaurants, such as Cais da Pedra and Tapisco, by also holding its own space, in the popular Mercado da Ribeira. Everything about the chef’s route and news, can be accessed through his Instagram page, where Sá Pessoa shares, among other things, some recipes.


José Avillez – An example of professionalism

Born in 1979, Avillez is the face of countless gastronomic spaces and is an entrepreneur, by nature. Manager responsible for the group under the same name, we can easily find him working 16 hours a day at his reference-restaurant, Belcanto, holding two Michelin Stars.

José Avillez’s name is also recognised by his restaurants:

  • Cantinho do Avillez, in Lisbon, Porto and Cascais;
  • Mini Bar, in Oporto and Cascais;
  • Pizzaria Lisboa, in the city under the same name;
  • Bairro do Avillez, in the capital city;
  • Tasca Chic, also in Lisbon.

Like Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez is very active in the Instagram social network, where, in the last few days, he has even shared musical playlists! All the information on Chef Avillez’s work can be accessed through his Instagram or website.


The best done in Portugal

Both Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa and Chef José Avillez have several published books and are present in several television programs. These professionals are only two good examples of what is best done in Portugal.

By holding a very rich training-background, they are two of the best Portuguese chefs and share much of their knowledge, daily, with those who follow them.


By being Costa Verde a porcelain items’ producer, mostly for the hotel and restaurants’ world markets, we have, in our kitchen professionals, in Portugal and all over the world, some of our biggest ambassadors.

That is also why we want to continue sharing, with you, the work of some Portuguese and international chefs. Follow us on our blog and get to know these professionals’ work.



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