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Porcelain Costa Verde: Proven quality and resistance!


Porcelain: which care to be taken, what to avoid, how to preserve? How often have you asked yourself about how to make your porcelain service last longer? How often have you thought about which would be the best products or the most appropriate temperature to your porcelain’s washing process, for it to maintain a new and careful appearance? Knowing how to preserve the quality of a porcelain service and fighting the wear of its different pieces across the years, it is a daily and constant challenge.

At Costa Verde, by being certainly aware of that, we demand our porcelain to be submitted to rigorous tests, which prove its resistance to conventional dishwashing machines and daily aggressions. Our products, as design pieces, as real masterpieces, have to be functional, useful and resistant. They have to comply the purpose they have been created for.


Porcelain Costa Verde: Proven quality and resistance


Several tests are conducted, quite frequently, in order for us to ensure, at Costa Verde, a quality porcelain product and dishwashing machine resistant, either for domestic or industrial use. Glaze resistance is, therefore, tested through the use of several chemical agents. As an example, we perform tests in which porcelain is subdued to a 0,5% calgonite solution, with register results in 16-hour periods, up until 6 cycles, by being, each one of this 16-hour periods, equivalent to 300 washing processes.

All our pieces are regularly tested and abide different national and international standards, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a quality product and a safe investment. When purchasing Costa Verde’s porcelain, you’re choosing professional and resistant products, for daily and massive usage, in hoven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwashing machine and microwave (not applicable, when decorated under metal motives).


8 tips in order to preserve your porcelain service


At Costa Verde, we care about developing quality products, in order to meet your needs, but we also want to inform you on how to protect, care and make your porcelain last longer. The more quality a product has, if not properly estimated, the wear is inevitable. Therefore, we share with you some suggestions which will, undoubtfully, help you protecting your own investment.

  1. Always use 18/10 stainless steel cutlery.
  2. Cover the porcelain storage and handling area with polypropylene surfaces, thus avoiding contact towards metal surfaces or others.
  3. Do not drag your porcelain on uncovered metal surfaces, thus allowing metal migration towards the porcelain base.
  4. Do not pile items which were not developed to that purpose.
  5. Separate porcelain items from different material products, such as cutlery or metallic crockery, in washing and drying.
  6. Always use silicone spatulas.
  7. Prewash porcelain or leave it under water before washing.
  8. Use specific detergents and do not promote a contact between them and the porcelain, for a long time.

Apply these eight tips daily and take good care of your porcelain service. Through these simple actions, protect your porcelain and your investment!



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