Costa Verde was founded in 1992 and based on a completely innovative philosophy by inviting the industry and the main Portuguese distributors to participate in its social capital. This idea turned out to be a great success because it considerably strengthened the ties between manufacturing and distribution. In this traditional business sector and with many obstacles to entry in the market – a quicker penetration of their products has led to a strong implementation of the company in the national market resulting in Costa Verde becoming a well-known brand in Portugal.

The factory is located in the district of Aveiro, and occupies a covered area of 30.000 m2 plus an available area for expansion of over 60.000 m2.

The company has qualified human resources and is permanently committed to the training of its personnel and the updating of its processes. For this reason, Costa Verde occupies an effective position in the markets where it operates and its business model is clearly customer orientated.

Most of Costa Verde’s ranges are designed by the world renowned London based design house Studio Levien. 

Costa Verde manufacture using the most advanced German technology, using carefully selected national and international raw materials. The Quality Department works on a continuous basis in terms of assessment and control, and in close collaboration with the Scientific Department of the Porcelain, Earthenware and Glass Department of the University of Aveiro and the Coimbra Technological Center of Porcelain, Earthenware and Glass. Costa Verde’s products are known for their very high quality. 

75% of the company´s production is exported to the European Union, United States of America, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Angola, to name some of the 50 countries.

Our Mission

To be innovative, proactive and flexible in the creation of well-designed products and services which exceed any and all expectations, always aiming towards the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders through the internal and external environment of the organization.

Our Vision

To be market leaders in the Horeca marketplace and, simultaneously, a socially responsible company.


Porcelain distinguishes itself from other ceramic products through three key features: hardness, whiteness and translucency.

Porcelain has a high level of mechanical resistance, low porosity and high density which ensures its durability, smooth surface and beauty in daily use.

The raw materials used in manufacturing porcelain, despite being common to other ceramic bodies, go through much stricter and demanding qualitative selection criteria to achieve the constancy of technical features, in particular the absence of contaminating substances, this is achieved through the daily procedure of laboratory controlled testing.

Porcelain paste is composed of four raw materials – quartz, clay, feldspar and kaolin – all combined in a precise composition.

Costa Verde products are produced by four main manufacturing processes Casting, Isostatic pressing, High pressure casting and Counter moulding.

This is followed by an 18 hour biscuit firing at 1.000 °C. The pieces are then glazed and fired again at 1.400 °C. This is when the pieces reach their maturity, and become impervious, extremely resistant, white and translucent. 

Porcelain is resistant to chemical attacks from detergents and food as well as to mechanical attacks, for example through the use of cutlery.

Decorations are achieved by the application of decals or by enamel spraying onto glazed pieces which are then fired for a third time to 1,250°C. 

This high firing is called ‘in glaze’ as the decorations and enamel sink into the glaze rather than sit on the surface which achieves a high level of resistance and durability.

All these rigorous and complex stages of production ensure that Costa Verde porcelain is both beautiful and durable.