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Porcelain: The art of theatrical presentation of food!


Porcelain, together with cutlery and glass – what the French call mise en place – is the stage par excellence for the chef to express all his art and ingenuity with food. What an excellent stage and scenery!

The gastronomic presentation went through profound changes in the last decade. Today, the word “experience” is a constant at the table. Otherwise, let’s see: There is a study that tells us that when an individual walk into a restaurant, several elements get their attention. Right from the environment, followed by the people, and thirdly, the way the table is laid out and decorated.

The presentation of the food is a gesture of art, which aims to make it even more attractive and tasty, long before experiencing it. The expression “to eat with the eyes” can be very strong, but it is a reality. If the food is appealing and looks tasty, there is a greater propensity to please the customer. But this, sometimes, may not happen! Everything has to be as an engagement.


The role of porcelain to make up the tasting experience

Another tendency in designing and in so-called platting is the use of textures. Not only is it necessary to resort to colors, the textures of food and the “game” they perform between different densities provide unforgettable experiences! But it all starts much earlier, as for the first idea of ​​a particular recipe.

A professional, or even a private individual in your day-to-day kitchen, should have, from the beginning, a concern with what will be the food presentation.

At Costa Verde, we develop solutions that accompany and help professionals and individuals to present the most and least noble delicacies. Synonymous with this is the Isola line, a collection of pieces of distinctive porcelain, composed by organic forms and whose purpose depends on the intended use.

In the market for more than 10 years, the Isola line, designed by Studio Levien, also offers a wise experience. It uses long plates, several bowls and other pieces that provide solutions for any type of operation, with special focus on the tasting menus.

Another solution is the Opera line, which has two sublines, Boheme and Aria. This way, it promotes immense platting solutions, always with the refinement of the porcelain product, the quality of Costa Verde and the design of Studio Levien.

Come and experience, and, above all, have fun and be an actor or actress in this theatrical play!



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