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Costa Verde: Porcelain and its suitability for food!

Costa Verde

At Costa Verde, we breathe cuisine and we know how important it is to have an accurate knowledge of this branch at a global level. Therefore, we develop products that may complement the various cuisine trends.

We are located in more than 50 geographies around the world, so we assume as a structuring pillar this care and sense of adaptation to the various cultures where we are or want to be present. This concern is part of our international presence strategy, even though it is an arduous task.

The greatest international chefs know that the presentation of food is a key element today. It culminates all the work previously done between the four walls of the kitchen.

At Costa Verde, we work in partnership with the most important chefs worldwide, as well as with F&B professionals. Therefore, whenever we study the launching of a new line, we use to this know-how in order to introduce a product that meets the needs of the markets where we are present.

Thanks to a wide range of production lines or collections, we have been able to accommodate every culinary style and every cuisine experience. Proof of this, is, for example, the Universal production line, which came as a response to the bowl food revolution, the new wave of serving meals in bowls!


The strictness and quality of Costa Verde porcelain pieces

The development of porcelain shapes with impact resistance is one of Costa Verde’s challenges as a professional porcelain manufacturer. We create services able to handle a massive handling, without changing its characteristics, and compatible with the firing techniques used.

At Costa Verde, we develop and produce hard feldspars porcelain for visionary professionals. We make it thinking of those who always look for more and different, something that enhances their delicacies, under recognized standards of quality and demand, which are the same as the ones of Costa Verde.

We are aware of the importance of the product we produce, whether for a Michelin-starred restaurant, the largest congress center in Las Vegas, a simple street restaurant or bistro or any hotel unit, independent or otherwise, on a paradise island or downtown Manhattan.


Diversity and response to the most demanding needs

The head or businessman of restaurants or hostelry now has access to dozens of porcelain production lines, each one with its identity and design. However, you can still opt for the development of something new and specific, in order to unify your service or operation.

Along with Costa Verde, the restaurant professional will find a wide and extensive selection of solutions that, no doubt, meet the demand. Be it a traditional line, a more enhanced collection, collections holding more than 70 pieces in its composition or thinner lines and aimed at tasting menus using organic design, everything can be found in Costa Verde. We have a wide offer.

We carry out special projects for hotels and restaurants, national or worldwide, as well as for private clients and entities. Challenge yourself and challenge us to tailor porcelain to your food!



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