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White Porcelain: From 5-star hotel to domestic use!


Hotel porcelain was formerly viewed as a poor, low-market product when compared to retail porcelain. However, in recent years, more properly in the past decade, we have witnessed a change in mentality.

The perception of the value of porcelain has undergone a 360-degree turn. Nowadays, customers associate hotel porcelain with a much higher value than retail porcelain. This, despite this one being a noble product. The exception is made for some brands and lines of retail porcelain, which, given their positioning, continue to bring a huge value.

Porcelain for the professional market is currently much more demanding in terms of quality and design. These variables should be irreproachable, especially if we’re referring to product lines that are aimed at 4 and 5 star hotel market and to the first class and signature cuisine.

The white porcelain has associated features that assure it with resistance and soft touch, as well as whiteness and translucency. Besides valuing the food served, it works as a brand image in hotels.


When the hotel porcelain enters our homes!


The first aspects that a customer notices when entering a restaurant – whether independent or part of a hotel unit – are, by degree of importance, the physical space, the decoration, the people occupying the space and the way the table is displayed. We’re referring to, in this last topic, the so-called mise en place, to porcelain, to cutlery, to glasses and to the textile itself.

This phenomenon, which we call dining in dining out, demonstrates the importance of the table and the way it is displayed, as well as the strong tendency of the consumer to replicate the same basis in a private environment, that is, at home. The 5-star hotel porcelain is, thus, transported for home use.

Costa Verde has been analyzing this market movement and, in a professional way, is also present in people’s homes, given the increasing demand for professional products (porcelain, glass, cutlery or other) for private use.

The Costa Verde services, present at your own table – whether at home or in a more exclusive dining space – offer very complete lines, which meet the latest international trends. The porcelain has proven quality and strength and stands out for its functionality, whiteness and translucency.



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