Costa Verde: A company with a strong international presence!

At Costa Verde, we have assumed – from the beginning, in 1992 – internationalization as a structuring pillar of our activity. We are, therefore, a strong exporter of our sector in Portugal.

By selling products to more than 50 locations worldwide, we continue to look for new collaborative partnerships, in markets where we are not present. In addition, we try to consolidate, every day, the existing agreements, many of them signed more than 25 years ago. We are present in department stores and in the most demanding hotel units, always following the quality of product and service, which characterizes us, so well.

From Chile to the United States, through Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, we can be found all over the world. We sell our products to countries such as South Africa and the former Portuguese colonies – Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Principe. Reaching the top of the African continent, we are present in Morocco and Algeria.

We are rooted in the European continent, from Portugal to Scandinavia, in the North, and to Lithuania, in the East. In addition, we do not forget the Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan and China.

In short, we are scattered all over the world, in a structured way. As a highly internationalized company, we are aware of the specificities characterizing each market.


Costa Verde’s Porcelain: From Portugal to the world

At Costa Verde, we know where we came from, where we are and where we want to go. We believe in internationalization, we produce exquisite porcelain and we are confident about the path we want to take. We will take further the products we manufacture at our unit – in Vagos, Portugal – which many people consider as the best porcelain production unit in the whole world.

Currently, internationalization assumes media importance. At Costa Verde, however, we’ve been out of doors for a long time. We’ve been settled across some markets which we may consider as hostile or less regulated. This has led to an investment, sometimes strong, across the development of products that meet the idiosyncrasies of those cultures and societies. We have widened and deepened our production lines, as an outcome from the market studies and prospects as well as from the strong inputs by our international partners.

At Costa Verde, we do not want to be just another porcelain supplier. We want to be the business partner of our clients, both in the retail sector and in the professional f&b market.



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