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Costa Verde, a brand present across the hospitality sector worldwide


Costa Verde is present across hotels spread over more than five dozen countries. Porcelain is the common element of the Meliã Ria hotel in Aveiro (Portugal), the Marriott in Santiago (Chile) and the Crowne Plaza in Vilnius (Lithuania), for example. The Portuguese brand was also chosen to start the operation or to renovate it in emblematic hotels, across the United States.

Costa Verde has long crossed borders, by deserving confidence from professionals across the hotels and restaurants’ market, all over the world. Growth is the outcome for a strong market research and a product development work.

The porcelain producer, headed in Vagos is, nowadays, the business partner to whom, every day, has the duty of warmly welcoming and serving.


Costa Verde’s bet on professional porcelain

Costa Verde has soon adopted a strong export positioning, something that, moreover, is in its genesis. Thus, over the years, the hostelry and restaurant markets have been consolidated by the brand.

When many companies underestimated the professional market, Costa Verde worked hard enough to embrace it. The managers and employees always looked for the company to be more than a mere supplier. They tried to be a business partner and go, every day, after those who needed their products. We speak, above all, of the hostelry and restaurant’s professional.

Of course, this was only possible because Costa Verde, probably, has the best porcelain factory in the world. The work carried out over 24 hours, a day, is guided by enormous efficiency, professionalism and strictness.

Furthermore, the partnership established, in 2002, with Studio Levien was decisive for the company to grow in a sustained manner and reach the current business volume and geographic coverage.

Costa Verde wants to help you when it comes to presenting a table and platting. It works in partnership with the most reputed chefs of the world. In addition, it also consults who works with them every day, whether they are well-known food & beverage directors, operations directors, room hosts or others. The aim is to look for new solutions, which facilitate the day to day and that add value in the time to serve the clients in the most varied spaces.



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