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Costa Verde: Distributors and shareholders’ network in Portugal

Costa Verde: uma empresa de processos simplificados e otimizados, reduzindo o tempo e o custo dos mesmos, através de Lean Management.

Costa Verde was launched in the market, back in 1992. Therefore, it celebrates 26 years of intense activity across manufacturing and sale of porcelain articles. The current positioning across more than 50 locations, around the world, proves its professionalism and success.

In its genesis, we find a unique detail across its sector: having started from distribution and reaching into industry. This particularity is less common for the Portuguese panorama, as well as across the international market.

The shared capital was composed, in about 70%, by the main Portuguese distributors of porcelain and complementary products. This strategic option allowed, immediately, the access to the market, right after having started to work, back in 1992.

Costa Verde holds, nowadays, the main players across distribution in Portugal as shareholders. It follows, therefore, the various market trends. Therefore, it develops collections, which have been receiving excellent reception by its distributors.


Costa Verde and its shareholders closer to you

The relationship towards Portuguese distributors and shareholders has already been lasting for 26 years and is one of Costa Verde’s brand images. Commercial contact and after-sales support allow the porcelain producer to provide a service of excellence, based on professionalism, product accessibility and proximity.

Distributors have been established in the market for a long time, by holding proven sales’ teams. They, thus, have a profound knowledge of the industry, whether being domestic porcelain or professional porcelain. This know-how enables Costa Verde into presenting itself at the highest level in both areas.

Partners, across distribution, have done an excellent job at introducing and consolidating Costa Verde’s products in the market. Their cooperation and loyalty deserve, therefore, a gratitude from the brand.

Due to its contribution, Costa Verde can assume itself as a reference brand across porcelain production in Portugal and a market leader across the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.


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