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Brunch by Lia Faria: Menu suggestion for you to delight yourself!

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The term brunch came up in the nineteenth century and is formed by the union of two words: breakfast and lunch. Later on, in the 1930s, it became popular in the United States and, over the years, it has expanded around the world.

Brunch was born under the intention of replacing breakfast and lunch, by being a late meal, made between 10am and 4pm, on Sundays, holidays or on festive dates. It is an interesting option when you wake up late on a Sunday and there is no possibility of having breakfast, as it would be a meal very close to lunch.

Brunch by Lia Faria

A brunch includes several types of food items, very similar to breakfast/lunch, but in greater quantity and variety. One of the basic rules of this concept is “abundance”! Because it is, actually, a union between two meals.

It is usual to include diversified food items, such as fruit, bread, cheese, yoghurt, pancakes, eggs, avocado, salads and, in a not so nutritionally-interesting way, bacon, cakes, croissants, amongst others.

Brunch by Lia Faria

The presence of drinks, such as infusions, teas, coffees, milk, flavoured water, natural juices, wines, sparkling wine and even cocktails is also common. In fact, any dish can be part of a brunch!

Finally, it is relevant to provide a sophistication touch to the table, by composing it with delicate porcelain – such as Costa Verde’s porcelain – light decoration and a good dose of affection. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good get-together, with a brilliant meal on a harmonious table?


What to include in a delicious brunch menu?


  • Flemish/fresh/light curd cheese;
  • Natural/skimmed yoghurts;
  • Different types of bread;
  • Whole grain cereals;
  • Oilseeds (nuts, almonds…) and seeds;
  • Assorted fruit;
  • Honey or jam (options with no added sugar);
  • Canapés (example: wholemeal toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon and parsley).


First course:

  • Pancakes (sugar-free / low added sugar or refined flours);
  • Waffles (sugar-free / low added sugar or refined flours);
  • Omelette;
  • Scrambled eggs;
  • Toasts with avocado and poached egg.


Main course:



  • Fruit salad;
  • Spoon sweets;
  • Cakes (sugar-free / low added sugar or refined flours).


On what concerns to drinks, infusions, teas and coffee are great options to go along with the starters. I suggest flavoured water, iced infusions, sparkling wine and white wine (in moderation) to go along with the dishes.


It is not compulsory to follow this order, nor to include all these suggestions in the same meal. The important thing is to include high-nutritional density food items.

Brunch by Lia Faria

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to include in your brunch menu, food items rich in slow-absorption carbohydrates (wholemeal bread and wholemeal cereals, for example), animal protein (yoghurts, cheeses, eggs, …) or vegetable protein (leguminous plants, soy, tofu, …), good-quality fat (avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, oilseeds, seeds, …) and fibre-rich food items (fruit and vegetables).

Brunch by Lia Faria

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy socialising at the table on special days. Life is made of those moments! Count on with Costa Verde, in order to providing a touch of refinement into your meal!


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Lia Faria

Lia Faria
Nutritionist (CP 2323 N), nutritional coach and passionate about a healthy lifestyle

She graduated in 2013 in Nutrition Sciences and got her internship at Centro Hospitalar de S. João, in Porto, Portugal, from where her love for Clinical Nutrition has emerged. Fascinated by personal development, in 2015 she specialised in Nutritional Coaching. Already in 2018, she got a Post-Graduate Degree in Advanced Clinical Phytotherapy. A year later, she launched herself into the digital world and shares daily food tips and practical and healthy recipes on social networks.




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