Fruit and vegetable baskets: These companies deliver to your home

Social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic disease has led to an already existing growing trend: the demand for baskets of fruit and vegetables delivered at home.

The search for healthier, more sustainable and organic food has grown in Portugal. Therefore, many national producers have adapted themselves and conquered families with quality fresh food items, coming from the traditional farm into your table.

In a brief search, we were able to find 4 companies, delivering fruit and vegetables baskets from North to South of the country. They are small local grocery stores and producers who offer solutions for home delivery of fresh products and some grocery. Get to know our choices.


4 companies with fruit and vegetable baskets’ home delivery


1. Quinta do Arneiro, in Mafra

Located in the parish of Azueira, Quinta do Arneiro delivers in the most of the municipalities of Greater Lisbon and has a generous offer of vegetables, fruits, groceries and even personalized baskets.

Apart from deliveries – which you can and should continue to enjoy during the post quarantine – Quinta do Arneiro provides other services. You can make visits to the farm and the countryside, workshops and many other experiences. It also comprises a restaurant and a space for events. A place deserving your visit!


2. Dona Horta, in Alcobaça

In the centre of Portugal, we find Dona Horta, whose delivery radius is limited to Alcobaça and the neighbouring municipalities of Batalha, Leiria and Marinha Grande.

Essentially aimed at the weekly distribution of baskets of fruit and vegetables of the season, Dona Horta works directly with the producers and prepares different sets of fresh vegetables under three different packages. The client just needs to choose his favourite basket and order it for home delivery. Dona Horta also has recipe sharing and a blog.


3. Banca Terra, in Aveiro

Still in the Centre of the country, we find Banca Terra, which arose from a young man’s desire to switch from the banking sector into agriculture. In this family project, fruits and vegetables are produced and later distributed in baskets across the municipalities of Aveiro, Oliveira do Bairro, Ílhavo and Águeda.

One of the main purposes of these producers is to encourage the culture of proximity, by establishing a trust relationship with their customers. The guarantee of Banca Terra is that you will comfortably receive at home a great diversity of fresh and local products. What really distinguishes this online supermarket option is the fact of being both a producer and a distributor, which can, at start, ensure higher quality.


4. Bio em Casa, in Penafiel

When arriving to the North, we find Bio em Casa, with delivery routes from Porto to Viana do Castelo. Here, you can choose from various types of organic fruit and vegetable baskets or bulk products, which will allow you to select the items and quantity you want.

You can also consult tips and ideas in the blog articles published by Bio em Casa. Its main mission continues to be providing organic and tasty local agriculture products, to families. Visit the online supermarket area and you will see that you won’t regret it!


These are just a few of the numerous companies, allowing you to receive, at home, baskets of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. The convenience of this way of buying will, certainly, contribute to turning it into a habit, in the future of many families.


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