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3 Chef Tony Martins’ recipes for a fine dining experience at home

Chef Tony Martins plating up his dishes with the Raw collection

We’ve challenged the winner of the Portuguese competition Chefe Cozinheiro do Ano, Tony Martins, to use our RAW collection as a source of inspiration and  to present his signature dishes. The result couldn’t have been better! Have fun and delight yourself with Chef Tony Martins’ recipes and be inspired by the world of fine dining.

Egg, peas and spicy sausage

We start with a dish of egg, peas and spicy sausage, consisting of a stew of peas and spicy sausage, poached egg and a pickle of spring onions.

For two people you will need:

  • 2 M-sized eggs
  • 3cl of extra virgin olive oil
  • 10g of dried garlic
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 100g of onion
  • 3cl of white wine
  • 5cl of beef stock 
  • 300g of peas
  • 50g of spicy sausage
  • 50g of spring onions
  • 5cl of cider wine vinegar
  • 25g of sugar
  • 10g of salt


First, and with some anticipation, peel the spring onion’s pickle:

Peel the spring onions, cut them in half and put them in a jar. Make a syrup with the vinegar, sugar and salt, but do not let it boil, and add it to the onion jar, while it is still hot. Let it stand for at least a few hours (the longer it stands, the more the flavour will intensify).

Next, prepare the stuffed peas and pepperoni:

Make a stew with the onion, garlic, olive oil, and bay leaf. Add the spicy sausage, into small cubes and let it cook for a few minutes. Refresh with the white wine and let the alcohol evaporate. Add the peas and the beef broth and reduce.

Finally, poach the eggs, in plenty of water, and plate them up, as suggested in the photo by Tony. Who would have thought we could make an egg the centrepiece of a dish like this?

Chef Tony Martins' recipe for Egg, peas and spicy sausage, in a piece from the RAW Collection
Egg, peas and spicy sausage| Chef Tony Martins | RAW Collection

Laminated Tuna, Tomato Tartar, Avocado and Cucumber

The chef’s next recipe is Laminated Tuna, tomato tartar, avocado, and cucumber.

For two people you will need:

  • 250g of fresh tuna loin 
  • 150g of avocado
  • 50g of red onion
  • 10g of coriander
  • 5g of chilli
  • 20g of green pepper
  • 5g of dried garlic
  • 1 lime
  • 5cl of virgin olive oil
  • 100g of beef heart tomatoes
  • 80g of cucumber
  • Salt flower


You can start by preparing the Avocado Puree:

In a bowl, add the avocado, red pepper, red onion, garlic, coriander, chili, lime (juice and very fine zest) and olive oil. Grind everything, with the help of a hand blender or blender.

Next, prepare the Tomato and Cucumber Tartar

Peel and remove the seeds from the tomato and cucumber and cut them into very small cubes. Season with salt flower and a dash of olive oil.

Finally, for the Tuna:

Dip the tuna loin in olive oil, place on a platter and braise it with a blowtorch. Laminate it finely and it is ready to start the plating up. For this step, you can follow the picture and decorate with borage shoots, which add colour and flavour to such a fresh dish!

Chef Tony Martins' Laminated Tuna’s recipe for, tomato tartar, avocado and cucumber tartar, in a piece from the RAW collection.
Laminated Tuna, tomato tartar, avocado and cucumber | Chef Tony Martins | RAW Collection

Queijo da Serra Cheese and Pears Pudding

At this table, we couldn’t miss a sweet! Inspired by a savoury so well known to us, Queijo da Serra Cheese, the last of these 3 recipes, from Chef Tony Martins, is a delicious Pear and Queijo da Serra Cheese Pudding.

For four people you’ll need

  • 10 egg yolks
  • 1 egg
  • 8cl liquid caramel
  • 200g sugar
  • 75g water
  • 180g Queijo da Serra Cheese 
  • 120g cream
  • 400g pear
  • 5cl white wine
  • 4cl Moscatel wine
  • 200g sugar
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Lemon zest, as needed (the zest is a very fine lemon peel made up only from the rind of the citrus fruit, without the white part)


To prepare the pudding:

Line a small baking pan with liquid caramel.

Melt the cheese with the cream in a bain-marie, while making a syrup of sugar to 107ºC (until it reaches the so-called sugar syrup point).

Put the egg yolks and egg in a bowl and add the sugar syrup, like a thread. Then, mix in the cheese and cream mixture.

Pour into the mould or tray and bake in a bain-marie at 180º, for 40 minutes. 

While the pudding is in the oven, prepare the pears:

Just peel them and cook them in syrup with white wine, sugar, Moscatel and aromatics.

After everything has cooled down, serve the pudding with slices of pears and add a scoop of walnut ice cream, whose flavour perfectly combines with the other elements of the dish.

Chef Tony Martins' recipe for queijo da serra cheese pudding and pears, in a piece from the RAW Collection.
Pears and Queijo da Serra Cheese Pudding| Chef Tony Martins | RAW Collection

Which one of these Chef Tony Martins’ recipes will you try first?

Before you start, take a look at the RAW collection and, just like Chef Tony, let yourself be inspired by these pieces!

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Chef Tony Martins

Tony Martins, winner of the Chef of the Year competitionTony Martins was born in Venezuela, 35 years ago, amid the smell of bread and hot cakes from his family’s pastry shop. So, it was no surprise when he showed an early vocation for cooking. Audacious and creative, he grew up in Vagos, in the Aveiro district, and quickly fell in love with cuisine. His curiosity as a traveller and fascination for concepts, brands, ideas and experiences, have culminated in 20 years dedicated to work and study across various areas of the hotel, restaurant and cuisine universe.

In Portugal, after his initial training at Coimbra’s Hotel and Tourism School and after taking the Hotel Management’s course at the IPL, he dedicated himself entirely to cooking. He worked, among others, at the Vintage House Hotel, in Pinhão, and the Dom Pedro Marina Hotel, in Vilamoura, and opened his own restaurant, Mercado Velho, in 2009, in Vagos. He defines his cuisine as simple, based on heritage, taking into account his origins and his area of influence (the coastal area and Ria de Aveiro, the Douro and the North of Portugal). He is interested in this reflection, in presenting what is part of the local cuisine, and in being able to bring these stories and influences, to the present day. He has the same taste in working with traditional recipes, at the same time as seeking a more contemporary interpretation for them. He is in Cuisine to live cuisine, taking advantage of today’s evolutions, while paying due respect to what came before.

He has friends spread all over the world, as the result of his several trips and cuisine adventures, by having already shared the kitchen with great national and international chefs, including Luís Simões, Joe Best, Vitor Matos, Diogo Rocha, Luís Lavrador, António Loureiro, Hélio Loureiro, Thomas Troisgros, Diego Sacilotto, Fábio Moon, Craig Grozier, Graeme Cheevers, Michel Van der Kroft, Mark Raush, Daniel Jimenez, among others.

He was Executive Chef at the Figueira Casino, in Figueira da Foz, and Iguarias Sábias Catering, until he’s settled himself in the Douro. After several participations in the largest professional chef competition in Portugal, Chef of the Year 2018, he won the competition in 2020. He is, currently, the Executive Chef of Jase – Hotels & Resorts and coordinates the entire Gastronomic operation of the Douro Palace Resort Hotel & Spa, Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa and Porto Royal Bridges.

You can follow Chef Tony Martins’ work and recipes on his Facebook and Instagram page, or through his website


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