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Porcelain aimed at practical meals: Surrender yourself to our suggestions!


Porcelain is the material of excellence to settle up any table. Its unique characteristics provide elegance to meals, either formal and sophisticated, of if they are about moments of relaxation and informality.

In a previous article on our blog, we have given you some suggestions of fine dining lines and pieces. In this article, we bring you some solutions for informal lunches and dinners.

Who does not enjoy having a relaxed meal, felling free of any commitment? We all love living moments of pleasure. We do not resort to practical meals only when the scarcity of time is a reality. We do it also when we want to prepare something for ourselves and for our family or friends, in a casual environment.

Costa Verde is known and recognized for the development of porcelain with pure traits, whether geometric or organic in nature. The development of any collection has always the main purpose of meeting the needs of different audiences. That is the case in any context, whether professional or private consumers.

Costa Verde wants to be next to its clients, both in the most awarded restaurant and in the privacy of a house. And why not while enjoying a practical meal?

There are several solutions presented by Costa Verde to accompany this informal moment. We begin by referring to the first collection designed by Studio Levien for the porcelain producer.


Duo and Universal: excellent porcelain suggestions aimed at informal meals

Duo is a well-known collection that marked the turn of the Costa Verde strategy in 2002. It is presented as a reinforced collection, marked by a less excavated relief and offering dozens of options for use. This is because it is composed by more than 70 pieces.

This set of articles ranges from a large salad bowl with 33 cm or a tray with 57 cm to the simple dish with 10 cm. It shows, therefore, the multiplicity of options that the Portuguese brand offers.

The development work of Costa Verde’s collections, and specifically Duo collection, is continuous. As such, the various collections are updated to fit the kitchen of today.

Once the Duo collection is presented, we introduce you to a more recent range. The year of 2017 was undoubtedly marked by the launch of the most informal collection developed, so far, by Costa Verde: Universal.

As the name implies, it is about a global concept, consisting of bowls, rectangular plates and a tasting plate. They provide the most varied combinations and uses, for any practical and informal moment.

Whether it’s the Duo, Universal or any other Costa Verde’s collection, there are solutions aimed at every occasion. Enjoy yourself!



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