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Healthy Meal: The Green Revolution of our Times!

healthy meal

Healthy meal is a theme on which, at Costa Verde, we like to talk. We have already covered, in here, some of the new trends for 2019. Today, let’s talk about healthy options, which you cannot miss. Because world food is increasingly “green”!


The scourge of the ugly fruit

Did you know that fruit and vegetables undergo a demanding selection process before they reach the stores? All parts that do not comply with certain aesthetic standards are rejected even before they are offered for sale.

During this process, a prior assessment is made, regarding the size, colour and other characteristics of food. Since only a few ones pass the test, the result is an extremely worrying food waste on a world scale.

Across developed countries, people are increasingly focused on healthy eating. So this incomprehensible situation is changing. What if we tell you that fruits and vegetables that look less attractive are going to be the most appreciated?

There are already several movements aiming to end with the waste, through various solutions. The use of vegetables to prepare the so-called “green drinks” is one of the most popular alternatives.

Juices and milkshakes, both rich in nutrients, are the fate of products, which were previously discarded by their appearance. Using them when preparing porridge, soups and jams is also an excellent choice.

Fruit and vegetables are the basis of a healthy meal, because they contain fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is important to note that their appearance does not interfere with the quantity or quality of the nutrients they provide.

We all must contribute to the end of food waste by consuming vegetables and fruits, which are visually less attractive. Our health and the planet will thank us!


Is it possible to swap salt and sugar by plants?

It is known that excessive salt and sugar are harmful to health. In Portugal, for example, salt consumption is much higher than recommended. Indeed, despite efforts in order to reduce its concentration in certain products (such as bread), we still ingest it excessively.

There are good alternatives in order to minimize the addition of salt in some recipes and achieve a healthy diet. The use of spices is one of the ways to intensify the flavour and add less salt or sugar to food.

New vegetable options, with the same effect, now appear. Glasswort, also known as “green salt”, is a plant with a naturally salty taste. It is not harmful to health and is one of the alternatives to salt, mostly followed by those who look for a healthy diet.

In order to replace sugar, more and more healthy options also appear. Stevia is one of them. It is a plant that has sweetening properties superior to those of sugar. It is, for this reason, one of the most sought-after solutions, nowadays.

In short, also the way of seasoning food can become “greener”, thus contributing to a healthy diet.


Drinks: Alcoholic or alcohol-free?

Changes across consumption habits naturally lead to adaptations at the other end of the chain: production. Consider sugar, for example. The decrease in its consumption coincides with the rise in popularity of rum, a bit worldwide.

This drink, under high alcohol content and original from the Caribbean, is obtained from sugarcane. It is reaching the market with enough strength, with a growing popularity amongst millennials. The rise in consumption is such that producers began to emerge in Europe.

But there is also another segment gaining in popularity. We speak of non-alcoholic drinks or low in this substance.

It is well known that alcohol does not fit at all in the context of healthy eating. In this way, the search for alternatives is leading large beer producers, for example, to offer light alternatives.

Some of the world’s leading breweries are introducing lighter, and less alcoholic, products in the market. Thus, these options are currently easier to find and incomparably healthier.


At Costa Verde, we like challenges!

The search for better options, around healthy food, puts pressure on producers. The interest, from consumers, in further health-friendly alternatives, has markedly been changing the market. Indeed, producers and processors face challenges in creating new solutions, more in-line with demand.

This effort is also requested to Costa Verde, when presenting new collections and concepts. Because we like challenges, we develop products thinking about you and your future needs!

In our blog, we always have the concern to provide you with useful information on different and current topics. Therefore, the theme of healthy food is one of our main focuses and interests. We will continue to share with you the latest news on cuisine and nutrition.

At Costa Verde, we celebrate porcelain, as a transmitter of gastronomic wealth and global food.


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