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Working at Costa Verde: 2 First-person testimonies

Costa Verde

Costa Verde launched, in late 2018, MyCostaVerde’s project. The main purpose of this initiative was collecting and sharing stories and personal experiences from former employees of the company, now retired. These pieces of life, remembered in person, help telling the story of Costa Verde throughout its almost 30 years of existence.

Often, the inspiring words of these testimonies serve as a source of motivation for current employees. Today, more than 300 people work in this porcelain production unit, which continue to contribute every day toward the success and growth of the company, established in 1992.


Carlos Lopes: 13 years working for Costa Verde

It was in 2009 that Carlos Alberto Lopes got retired, due to health problems, after 13 years dedicated to the company. His first post in the factory was as a furnace worker, but later he took over as shift manager.

After having worked previously in cod fishing, for more than 25 years, he remembers with a nostalgic memory the years spent in Costa Verde. He highlights the spirit of companionship that was lived and the respect that the company always had for its employees.

Today, he acknowledges that “Costa Verde is different, it has evolved a lot”. From his time, Mr. Carlos recalls that everyone worked towards the company’s growth. Thus, the message he wants to address to the current employees is simple: “Do the same as the old ones did”. This is the only way to continue growing!


José Nunes dos Santos, the security man

It was in 1994 that José Armando Nunes dos Santos began working for Costa Verde. Throughout the 22 years he worked for the company, he was always a security guard and keeps, until today, good memories from those days. He claims to have made many friends and reinforces the good working environment there, not only among colleagues, but also with the administration. “If I could, I would still be working!”, he says with enthusiasm.

José Nunes dos Santos recalls one of the most striking moments he experienced as a Costa Verde‘s employee. He was on duty when, during a violent storm, the strong winds ripped off part of the roof structure of the factory. Fortunately, he recalls, the destruction caused only material damage, nobody was injured.

Today, the message he wants to leave to the current employees is “always keep a good dynamic. Be good employees to the company, because it deserves it”. “All the time I’ve worked here I thought like this and I keep on thinking like that”, he assumes, and adds: “Costa Verde was very important to me because I spent the best years of my life here, until the time of my retirement”.


MyCostaVerde’s project is a way of honouring former employees, who have given us so much. At Costa Verde, we know the value of our human resources and we work into recognizing it every day, with an ongoing commitment towards their training and personal development. If today we are one of the most reputed porcelain producers, with a strong presence across restaurants and hotels all over the world, it is thanks to all these people.


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