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Costa Verde: What to expect from the year of 2019?


At Costa Verde, 2019 will, once again, be a year for investment and work consolidation. We will proceed with the efforts we have started since 1992, when we began our activity.

For the upcoming year, it is expected a continuous prospection and presentation of new and innovative collections, aiming to meet the real needs of the markets where we operate. We will always do it in a real and pragmatic way, by presenting solutions to problems that may occur with those who work with us.

2019 will be very special for Costa Verde! We would be lying if we said that we are only now preparing the new year. In fact, since March 2018 we have been working on new solutions that will be presented at the beginning of 2019.

Our design and innovation department and the London’s Studio Levien are currently completing the latest product and concept innovations. The official and international presentation will take place, like other years, at the Ambiente Fair. It will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from February 8th to February 12th.

On what concerns to us, we have the duty to continue surprising you, as we did when we presented, for example, the Duo, Isola and Opera collections, with their Boheme and Aria variants. Universal also stands out as an internationally recognized collection. It is constituted by bowls and it adapts to the most varied menus in the whole world.


Costa Verde’s porcelain grows up with you

At Costa Verde, we work for you and thinking of you, but we want to become even more. We would like to be your business partner.

In this Portuguese company, which stands out across borders, we study cultures, we travel immensely, we design and create 3D prototypes. In addition, we work in partnership and do what we call “homework”. Our commitment is bringing you the most innovative products and the perfect solutions!

It is our mission to become market leaders across the hotel sector and, at the same time, a reference as a socially responsible and innovative company. Nowadays, we hold a team counting more than 360 people. But tomorrow, surely, we will be more, to work better and positioning ourselves, closer to you.

Be sure to join us. We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, visiting our website and subscribing to the blog. We promise you a lot of news soon! Until then, do not forget that Costa Verde is much more than porcelain!



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