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Christmas: 5 Tips in order to help you buying your gifts without stress!


Christmas is, for most people, the most beautiful season of the year. However, this season brings with it concerns and some anxiety.

Stress arises not only because of receiving relatives entails some work, but also for all the gifts that you must acquire. Consequently, the joy and fun of this time can be compromised.

Therefore, Costa Verde provides you with some simple tips in order to help you crossing Christmas with calmness and tranquillity. Besides facilitating the organization of your party, they will certainly rule out the terrible possibility of forgetting someone.


1. Set how much you want to spend

First, you must define a budget. Just do the maths and determine the maximum amount you have available to spend. Always keep in mind any eventual expenses with Christmas dinner when defining the budget for gifts.


2. Make a list

Costa Verde understands planning is very important! Make a list of all the people you want to grant a gift to (not just adults, but also children). Then weigh the investment and look for the most competitive solutions.

In order to saving money, you can narrow the list only to close family members or even to kids. If you do not get organized, you will be taking the risk of having two Christmases instead of one, in terms of costs.


3. Buy in advance

Buy the Christmas gifts as far in advance as you can. This is perhaps the most important advice, in order to avoid upsetting and running around.

Leaving last moment purchases can result in unexpected expenses and inadequate offers. With extra-time, you will certainly be able to choose carefully the ideal gift for the people you love.


4. Create special Christmas gifts

When it comes to buying gifts, it is almost inevitable to spend a little more than planned. Try to control yourself to avoid slippage in your Christmas budget.

Remember that there are many gifts, which, despite being low-cost, carry a higher sentimental value. If you can, choose to produce your own Christmas gifts. They can be jams, homemade wafers or small pieces of handmade decoration. Imagination is the limit! Besides being cheaper gifts, they will certainly be more valuable, because they are made by you, with affection.


5. If you lack imagination, offer vouchers

In case you do not find what you are looking for or do not even know what to offer, do not get into despair. A voucher or shopping voucher is always a great option.

In order to avoid shopping centre queues, be aware that shopping online is increasingly a good choice.


Remember that time flies! If you have not already done so, start preparing your gifts as soon as possible. Costa Verde wishes you a good shopping and a Merry Christmas!



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