Restaurants and Hostelry: A New Era in Consumer Experience

Restaurants and Hostelry have evolved at great speed in all its aspects. The HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes) accompanies the growth of tourism and is booming in Portugal. The next decade promises to bring about very significant changes across this sector.

The pace of development and transformation was already high, but it is accelerating even more, both in restaurants and hostelry. A new wave of modernity boosts almost every area of ​​the sector.

In accordance, modern and efficient kitchens have emerged, new foods, new gastronomic trends and revolutionary production processes. The adaptability of catering companies is vital in order not to miss the train of modernization.


It is in the present that we prepare the future!

Technological evolution is felt across the infrastructures, but also at social level. Digital marketing is in the pipeline and is moving towards closer relations between brands and consumers. Customer interaction tools have evolved to enable a personalized, real-time relationship.

Changes in consumers’ behaviours, expectations and needs will drive restaurant operators into innovation. Aiming to better satisfy customers tomorrow, services are already beginning to be rethought, resized and more targeted. In short, communication is a field which has evolved considerably, in order to reach the public, in a more effective way.

Restaurants, hotels, cafes, canteens and food-courts need a continuous and growing optimization. In order to become more efficient and competitive, they increasingly resort to intelligent and technologically advanced methodologies.

The HORECA sector, in general, and restaurants in particular are areas of great competitiveness. That way, choosing the best customer retention techniques is extremely important.


The consumer as a starting point

Globally, companies have already realized the importance of the consumer in the consumption cycle. Its interests and preferences are the focus of any marketing and growth strategy heading to success. The role of the consumer is now unavoidable: it is the essential starting point of the whole process.

Today’s consumer will be the consumer of tomorrow! This is a key idea across the restaurant sector. The owners and managers of this area are very attentive to millennials consumption habits, for example. This is only because this will be the most influential consumer group in the next decade.

Millennials are individuals born between the 1980s and 1990s. Today, they are between 20 and 40 years old and belong to the so-called generation Y, or millennium generation. They will be the target par excellence to study and approach in the next 10 years.


The restaurants of tomorrow

In the future, restaurant spaces will have to be attractive and rich from the architecture and design points of view. Likewise, they will have to incorporate highly technological and efficient solutions for their clients and visitors. Welcoming and hosting will also be extremely important and will increasingly rely on technology.

The consumer of the future will be even more demanding about the availability of information about a certain space. Prices, menus, timetables and all other information must be easily accessible.

On the other hand, when visiting the space chosen by him, the customer’s requirements regarding hosting may surprise. Despite the importance of technology, he will value being welcomed in the most human and personalized way possible.

Ideally, the restaurant will have access to the profile and preferences of the customer who has just got inside. That way, it will be easier to meet his specific needs and provide him with a unique and enjoyable experience. Depending on the amount of information collected, it will be possible to customize hosting to the smallest detail.


Customized Menus

Across restaurants, also regarding the menu, customization will be the keyword. The customer will have more and more freedom to build-up his menu, by assuming an increasingly active role. From a complete food information base, he can truly be part of the experience. It’s a new world across the restaurants’ sector!

By knowing the nutritional composition and the allergic potential of the products, the client will choose what he intends to consume and in which way. By following its own gastronomic trends, he might even participate across the cooking process, by matching ingredients and flavours according to his personal taste.


In an era of social and technological evolution, it is up to companies to observe market trends and adapt to them. Costa Verde has, for many years, been practicing these principles and is constantly developing. It holds, probably, the best porcelain production unit in the world and, now, it continues to expand.


With an investment close to 8 million euros, the company is preparing for the next decade. Apart from wanting to respond to the needs of its customers, it tries to anticipate new trends.

It is today that tomorrow is prepared, and Costa Verde knows that! Only then is it possible to be a world-renowned company and represent what is best made across porcelain.


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