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5 Culinary Books you need to know

Culinary books

Books are, without any doubt, one of the best companies we can have and, in the kitchen, a good culinary book can make all the difference!

When we are at home, or when we travel, we can acknowledge reading as a great ally. But, much more than good company, books are one of the best knowledge sources across several areas.

At Costa Verde, we are, much due to our work, completely passionate about culinary books. Besides being the area for which we produce, cooking has always been one of the themes on which wonderful books are written and illustrated.

We have, therefore, decided to make a recollection of the best gastronomy masterpieces and it is, precisely, this content that we share with you, today.


1. Pantagruel’s Culinary Bible

Its first edition dates back to 1986, but Livro de Pantagruel is, to this day, religiously consulted across many Portuguese’s kitchens. Written by Bertha Rosa Limpo, Maria Manuela Limpo Caetano and Jorge Brum do Canto, this culinary book’s classic is considered by many to be “The Culinary Bible”.

With a content comprising several recipes, from appetizers and spices to delicious açordas and sweet desserts, the Livro de Pantagruel guides us in the kitchen, from the simplest processes, to the most complex and demanding international recipes.

If you don’t have a copy on the shelf at home, you’ll still have time to buy it. You will certainly be surprised by the timelessness of this culinary book!


2. Come Comida Real: the Spanish best-seller

Written by the nutritionist and creator of the “Realfooding” movement, Carlos Ríos, Come Comida Real is a culinary book, aimed at educating the reader on the myths of food. In this work, the author offers a scientific knowledge, which questions, investigates and deeply explains our diet, by explaining the basis of the “Realfooding” trend.

You can also count on with some tips on easy and healthy dishes, several recipes and many tricks, in order to simplify your daily life in the kitchen.

If you are interested in knowing more about nutrition and healthy recipes, this book is, undoubtedly, aimed at you.


3. Toute la Cuisine: Master Paul Bocuse’s culinary book

From French gastronomical literature, we would like to offer you the Toute la Cuisine by Paul Bocuse. Father for the French gastronomy, Bocuse presents the way into becoming a true professional at the kitchen.

Like the Portuguese Livro de Pantagruel, in this culinary book you will find recipes ranging from the most basic dessert to the most exquisite and laureated dish. There are almost 800 pages of practical advice, which will turn you into a true chef!


4. Gourmet Geezers: Men in the Kitchen

We now present you an entertainment book by the Cooking for Men group from Haslemere Senior University, in England. The publication, entitled Gourmet Geezers, is much more than a traditional culinary book. Contrarily to what you might expect, this book is not signed by a renowned chef, but, rather, by a group of 17 ordinary men who take gastronomy very seriously.

It is also a solidarity project, since through its purchase, we are contributing towards the Haslemere Kitchen Project. In collaboration with local shops and teams of volunteers, this project aims to encourage people to come together to cook and have access to simple, nutritious and delicious meals, made with fresh ingredients provided by traders. Gourmet Geezers brings together around 100 recipes, selected by the authors.


5. Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook

Our last suggestion takes us across the Atlantic to the United States. Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook is a tribute to one of New York’s hottest restaurants. Eleven Madison Park is on top of the best in the world, by being one of the few to be awarded 4 stars, in the New York Times’ ranking.

This book, which the restaurant’s executive chef – Daniel Humm – and manager Will Guidara have sign, features over 125 recipes and offers the reader a bit of what could be this place’s life experience.

The recipes are seasonally organized and properly adapted to domestic kitchens, and are illustrated with glorious images, by photographer Francesco Tonelli.


These culinary books’ proposals, as well as other themes, are being disclosed in Costa Verde’s blog, so that each and every one of your days are different. Enjoy your reading!



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