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Costa Verde: Unlimited inspiration for your table

Costa Verde

If you still relate porcelain with white pieces, under uniform and dull lines, we invite you to a dive into Costa Verde’s world, where you will get surprised.

Due to its characteristics, porcelain is the ideal base into disclosing both the simplest and the most exuberant gastronomic creations. This safe, resistant and hygienic material is an excellent ally for the restaurant and hotel’s sectors, but also for equipping modern kitchens all over the world.


Costa Verde: Experience and know-how at the service of design

By counting more than 25 years of experience at producing the best porcelain, Costa Verde is, nowadays, one of the biggest producers in the sector. From Portugal to the world, Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces currently embellish the tables of famous hotels and restaurants, across more than 50 geographic locations.

What distinguishes Costa Verde’s porcelain collections is, not only, their quality and resistance, but also their elegant design. Available, nowadays, under 16 different collections, Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces adapt to all plating-up demands, by adding a refinement and sophistication’s touch to any table.


Porcelain doesn’t need to be simply white

Creativity and innovation have been part of Costa Verde‘s DNA, since its foundation. If it is true that white is the ideal tone to elegantly highlight any dish, we can also say that a touch of colour helps bringing life and joy to meals.

Through Nordika and Nordika Fjord collections, the table gains more dynamism without losing its sobriety.




To bring on even more liveliness into the plating, Rustico collection offers 8 colours combined with a pattern of artisan inspiration.




Collections that set the difference

The focus on design is another of the strengths of Costa Verde’s porcelain pieces. In order to meeting modern plating’s creative demands, we have developed several collections, under modern or traditional lines, but always elegant and timeless.

Through oriental inspiration, Ecos’ collection evokes Japanese gardens, both in its circular forms and delicate textures.




For a bolder and more innovative plating, the decentralized rims on the Eclipse collection have made it into one of the most popular among Costa Verde’s collections.




At Costa Verde, we are proud of the porcelain collections’ versatility we have developed, over the years. Our porcelain pieces are suitable for both the most prestigious restaurants and hotels, as well as for any family gathering or lunch.

We apply high quality and resistance standards to the creation of each item, but we have not forgotten the importance of the aesthetic aspect. Behind each collection, years of work have been trying to balance design and functionality.

Let yourself be delighted by Costa Verde’s porcelain collections and bring more life into your table!





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