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Henrique Sá Pessoa and José Avillez: renowned Portuguese chefs

During these protective-days, to which the pandemic disease has forced us into, we hope, first of all, that all is well with you and those related to you.  The days at home allow us to think about topics, different than usual. In accordance, we have been trying to write about other themes and today we […]
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Fruit and vegetable baskets: These companies deliver to your home

Social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic disease has led to an already existing growing trend: the demand for baskets of fruit and vegetables delivered at home. The search for healthier, more sustainable and organic food has grown in Portugal. Therefore, many national producers have adapted themselves and conquered families with quality fresh food items, […]
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The impact of Covid-19’s pandemic disease across the tourism sector

The world is currently facing a Covid-19 pandemic disease, caused by a new type of coronavirus. The harsh measures undertaken by countries, in demanding the isolation of their citizens, are aimed at stopping the contagion from Covid-19. However, the economic impact carried out by these measures will, globally, be huge. So great, that experts predict […]
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