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What are Millennials Looking for Across Hotels and Restaurants?

The world is going through a deep transformation and millenials are one of the reasons for that change. There is, nowadays, a transition of power between generations and Millennials are increasingly taking over. These are the individuals who have been conditioning a gradual change across all areas. Brands, companies and businesses unfold into new approaches, […]
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Healthy Meal: The Green Revolution of our Times!

Healthy meal is a theme on which, at Costa Verde, we like to talk. We have already covered, in here, some of the new trends for 2019. Today, let’s talk about healthy options, which you cannot miss. Because world food is increasingly “green”!   The scourge of the ugly fruit Did you know that fruit […]
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Restaurants and Hostelry: A New Era in Consumer Experience

Restaurants and Hostelry have evolved at great speed in all its aspects. The HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes) accompanies the growth of tourism and is booming in Portugal. The next decade promises to bring about very significant changes across this sector. The pace of development and transformation was already high, but it is accelerating […]
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