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5 Culinary Books you need to know

Books are, without any doubt, one of the best companies we can have and, in the kitchen, a good culinary book can make all the difference! When we are at home, or when we travel, we can acknowledge reading as a great ally. But, much more than good company, books are one of the best […]
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Explore the delicacies of chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay

If you are a cuisine lover and you enjoy following the work of the main chefs, be it across social networks or dedicated channels, we’re producing this article thinking about you! Like we’ve already done with two Portuguese chefs, during this publication we will talk about the strong digital presence of Jamie Oliver and Gordon […]
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Henrique Sá Pessoa and José Avillez: renowned Portuguese chefs

During these protective-days, to which the pandemic disease has forced us into, we hope, first of all, that all is well with you and those related to you.  The days at home allow us to think about topics, different than usual. In accordance, we have been trying to write about other themes and today we […]
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